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Monday, November 28, 2011

Yello - Part 2

So, I just wrote about Yello, and how odd the band and the music is. Well, just in case you couldn't get the strangeness conveyed over the audio, here is some video to go along with it.

Oh Yeah Video

I mean, if the vocal isn't odd enough on it's own, the lyrics? The sun...beautiful. The moon...even more beautiful. Such a good time. I get these guys are Swiss, and this feels like a super strange German video or something. But jeez, this takes out there to a new level. And while I'm sure many people consider this a solid art form, I think it's nonsense. I mean, to the point I find it absolutely hilarious. If that's what they intended, then I give them a huge "spot on" and a giant high five. I have a feeling though, it was more meant as the aforementioned art form.

And I'm not sure who else is a fan out there, but I enjoy the show 'It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia'. And here is a clip of them making fun of the song:

Always Sunny Clip

Simply Awesome.

B Side


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