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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

"Music Is My Savior...What's Your Twenty-Five?"

Happy Wednesday B Siders! I had a suggestion from follower Janis, and I thought it was a really neat idea. Here is the challenge, open up your iTunes, Windows Media Player, Winamp etc etc - and post what your Top 25 most played songs are. Don't cherry pick a certain playlist or anything, just select all your music and toss the Top 25 out there. No cheating either. Even if you're the hardest guy in the world and Barracuda by Heart comes up - you throw it on here! I really believe the music you listen to says a lot about who you are. It's also neat to see what genre you listen to most. I have no idea what will come up for me, but I have a feeling I'll be all over the board. Let's See!!

25: Interstate Love Song - Stone Temple Pilots
24: Yellow Ledbetter - Pearl Jam
23: Don't Stop Believin' - Journey
22: Nothing But A G Thing - Dr. Dre
21: The Blowers Daughter - Damien Rice
20: Only God Knows Why - Kid Rock
19: Bleeding Me - Metallica
18: Can't Tell Me Nothing - Kanye West
17: Like I Love You - Justin Timberlake
16: Plush - Stone Temple Pilots
15: Lonely Day - System Of A Down
14: It's Okay (One Blood) - The Game
13: Say It Ain't So - Weezer
12: Zero - Smashing Pumpkins
11: My Immortal - Evanescence
10: Here In My Room - Incubus
9: Brighter Than Sunshine - Aqualung
8: Apologize - Timbaland
7: Karma Police - Radiohead
6: Still Tippin' - Mike Jones
5: Lollipop - Lil Wayne
4: The Luckiest - Ben Folds
3: Soul To Squeeze - Red Hot Chili Peppers
2: Jesus Walks - Kanye West
1: All These Things That I've Done - The Killers

Some of those are semi surprising. I do like Apologize a lot, but had no idea it was in my top 10. The really odd thing, I LOVE classic rock. Not one song. Shows I guess that I don't listen to that at work ever. I figure, that's how my 'Top 25' is really formed, since I listen to my iPod 8 hours a day at work. That's most of my listening. Crazy. Anyway, POST YOURS!! I think you might even surprise yourself!


  1. Well,my top 25 in itunes is kinda sad for I recently reformated and lost the play counts so, my number 1 song only has 6 play counts and the rest 3 or 2.. I'll have to give it soem time before a more accurate top 25 is worthy to share...Number 1 is as it was before, Dragonforce-Through the Fire and Flames.

  2. Yeah, I hear that. I have a feeling Zeppelin's Stairway would have been on there for me, but I had to remove the version I had from 2000 via Napster or whatever due to too many annoying skips. Was still entertaining though, and thanks for posting!

  3. im going most played with count to least played with count.

    1. days of wine and roses - frank sinatra, 123
    2. zelda's theme - perez prado, 89
    3. swamp fire - martin denny, 58
    4. music to watch girls by - al hirt, 52
    5. cherry pink and apple blossom white - billy may & les baxter, 50
    6. whiskey & wine - 311, 49
    7. ride on josephine - george thorogood & the destroyers, 45
    8. if you don't, don't - jimmy eat world, 43
    9. homemade wine - ozark mountain daredevils, 43
    10. baby elephant walk/java - al caiola/billy may, 42
    11. pennies from heaven - louis prima, 41
    12. movies - alien ant farm, 12
    13. sex & the city theme remix - groove armada, 38
    14. gin and tonic - billy may, 37
    15. soy bomb - honest bob & the factory to dealer incentives, 37 but 38 in a minute.
    16. i got my eye on you - jem and the holograms, 36
    17. attitude (acoustic) - alien ant farm, 35
    18. mambo jambo (que rico el mambo) - dave barbour, 35
    19. frankenstein - edgar winter, 34
    20. bathtub gin - tiki king? i dont know it was a DL, 34
    21. hawaiian war chant - ella fitzgerald, 33
    22. chihuahua - luis olivera & his orchestra, 33
    23. mannix - billy may & his orchestra, 32
    24. power house - the bobby hammack combo, 32
    25. G.T.O. - ronny and the daytonas, 32

    here are the songs that fell off at the 31 playcount, only because of today's lounge music playlist drive home:
    -fool in the rain, led zeppelin
    -embraceable you/i got it bad and that ain't good, louis prima & keely smith
    -jerry was a race car driver, primus

    other interesting positions:
    - going up to country, canned heat, 29 plays
    - mayonaise, smashing pumpkins, 29 plays
    - love lockdown, kanye west, 28 plays
    - no life, slipknot, is the first metal appearance at 26 plays
    - roots, bloody roots, sepultura, is the second metal song at 24 plays
    - sister christian, nightranger, 21 plays
    - i get around, 2pac, is the first rap/hiphop at 21 plays.

    now these are full plays, not counting all the times i put on a song and skip the last 15 seconds of it because i just CANT WAIT for the next song. itunes only counts full plays. and you're probably asking yourself (austin) where is the metal? no tool in the top 25? no tool song has more than 2 plays in my itunes. when im in a metal mood, i just go for the whole album usually, and my car stereo sounds better with cd due to my antiquated ipod radio transmitter, so cd is the natural choice for my slipknot, testament, and metallica needs. my top 25 got that way 1. because i love 'days of wine and roses' and listen to it on repeat and 2. because my two favorite playlists are ALCOHOL and TIKI LOUNGE. so naturally those songs have the most plays. they are both very good playlists, very diverse, rivaled only maybe by CHICKS and CALIFORNIA SONGS. ask me about my playlists sometime.

  4. have an odd playlist. I would have expected to have seen some metal, but your explanation makes sense. Same for me and Classic Rock I suppose. And same with a band like the Gorillaz. I LOVE them, but I listen to their whole albums and not one song. I never stopped to check if the Sync in the car registers music for a play count in my iPod like a regular listen. I'll have to investigate that sometime.

    FYI, I love Movies by AAF. Easily my favorite song by them.

    My playlists are much more generic (ie, Alt Rock, Hip Hop, Mood, Techno etc). I do that because I'm typically in the mood for a certain genre everyday. Plus if I'm not, I can make an 'On-The-Go' deal. Love iPods.


  5. ShaqwandaMcGillisJune 17, 2010 at 8:44 AM

    Here's my list with counts. Apparently I was rockin Hot Hot Heat's 'Happiness Ltd.' album pretty hard for a while there. There are some on here that were surprising...and possibly even embarrassing.

    1 - My Best Fiend - Hot Hot Heat (227)
    2 - Shaking - Sugarcult (220)
    3 - JFK's LSD - Hot Hot Heat (188)
    4 - Alive with the Glory of Love - Say Anything (180)
    5 - Hundred Million - treble charger (173)
    6 - The Phones - Hot Hot Heat (171)
    7 - La Tortura - Shakira f/Alejandro Sanz (166)
    8 - Future Breeds - Hot Hot Heat (162)
    9 - Sudden Death in Carolina - Brand New (162)
    10 - This is for Real - Motion City Soundtrack (153)
    11 - Tony the Beat - The Sounds (152)
    12 - Just the Girl - The Click 5 (146)
    13 - ?? - Homemade The Ataris Mixed CD (146)
    14 - Harmonicas & Tambourines - Hot Hot Heat (143)
    15 - Let Me In - Hot Hot Heat (138)
    16 - Outta Heart - Hot Hot Heat (136)
    17 - 5 Times out of 100 - Hot Hot Heat (134)
    18 - Bathwater - No Doubt (133)
    19 - So So Cold - Hot Hot Heat (132)
    20 - Give Up? - Hot Hot Heat (132)
    21 - Conversation - Hot Hot Heat (129)
    22 - Waiting for Nothing - Hot Hot Heat (128)
    23 - Good Day to Die - Hot Hot Heat (128)
    24 - Made a Mistake - Sugarcult (125)
    25 - Happiness Ltd - Hot Hot Heat (123)

  6. Holy Cats!!

    Do you not have a lot of music on your lists? I didn't list my counts, but my top two were the only ones that were over 100. I mean, I listen to music for hours daily, but I guess I never listen to things that often. I have too much to choose from. It's crazy that you have songs over 200 plays and that many well over 100. Crazy.

    There are very few bands I wouldn't get annoyed with like you must be with Hot Hot Heat. Kudos to them I guess.

    Didn't see anything super embarrassing on here, it just sticks out that 14 of 25 are one band.

    Thanks for posting!

  7. 25 - All I Want Is You - Barry Louis Polisar (Juno Soundtrack) (17)
    24 - The Best Day - Taylor Swift (18)
    23 - Fearless - Taylor Swift (18)
    22 - When I Come Around - Green Day (18)
    21 - Tied Down - Colbie Caillat (18)
    20 - Feelings Show - Colbie Caillat (18)
    19 - Gimme More - Britney Spears (18)
    18 - Change - Taylor Swift (19)
    17 - Forever & Always - Taylor Swift (19)
    16 - Just Got Started Lovin' You - James Otto (19)
    15 - Midnight Bottle - Colbie Caillat (19)
    14 - My Name is Jonas - Weezer (20)
    13- The Way I Loved You - Taylor Swift (20)
    12 - All I Want to Do - Sugarland (20)
    11 - Ticks - Brad Paisley (20)
    10 - Breathe - Taylor Swift (21)
    9 - Oxygen - Colbie Caillat (21)
    8 - You're Not Sorry - Talyor Swift (22)
    7 - Tell Me Why - Taylor Swift (22)
    6 - White Horse - Taylor Swift (22)
    5 - Realize - Colbie Caillat (22)
    4 - Bubbly - Colbie Caillat (22)
    3 - You Belong With Me - Talyor Swift (23)
    2 - See You Again - Miley Cyrus (23)
    1 - Love Story - Taylor Swift (34)

    Apparently I played Colbie Caillat's Coco and Talyor Swift's Fearless albums over and over and had "Love Story" on the playlist like 3 times every time I played it. (I do remember doing this.) The only country that made it was the 3 most recent singles I purchased.
    My top songs have only been played 17-34 times... so that shows you how much I use iTunes. I guess I'll have to drop Coco into the suggestion box!

  8. I'm going to have to attach the playcount to the songs sometime soon since everyone else did. I think Killers was played like 130 times.

    I assume you don't have an iPod then? Sounds like you mainly just use online music services.

    LOVE that you have My Name Is Jonas so high. Great song. I think I've heard Colbie's album once or twice. But if you suggest it, I'll review it!

  9. Okay...pretty sure my ipod is whacky (that is what I am telling myself), but here it goes...

    1. Secret Crowds - Angels and Airwaves
    2. Epic Holiday - Angels and Airwaves
    3. Et Ducit Mundum Per Luce - Angels and Airwaves
    4. A Milli - Lil Wayne
    5. Harlot - Felix da Housecat
    6. Dammit - Blink 182
    7. I Love College - Asher Roth
    8. Letters to God - Angels and Airwaves
    9. Hallucinations - Angels and Airwaves
    10. Carryout - Timbaland (feat. JT)
    11. Freak on a Leash - Korn
    12. Pictures of You - The Cure
    13. Soul Survivor - Angels and Airwaves
    14. Your Ex Lover is Dead - Stars
    15. Shove - Angels and Airwaves
    16. Clever Love - Angels and Airwaves
    17. Sexy Bitch - David Guetta (feat. Akon)
    18. Halo - Beyonce
    19. Obvious - Blink 182
    20. Down - Blink 182
    21. The Moon Atomic - Angels and Airwaves
    22. Im on a Boat - The Lonely Island
    23. As I Em - Asher Roth
    24. Just Don't Give a Fuck - Eminem
    25. Atliens - Outkast

  10. Milli!! Love that song. Just Don't Give A Fuck and ATLiens too! Some odd stuff in there, but it's clear you enjoyed A&A a lot at some point.

    Everyone likes 'On A Boat', but you REALLY like it!! ;-)

    Thanks a ton for posting!

  11. pretty sure that the only reason 'sudden death in carolina' 'dammit' and 'my name is jonas' aren't in my current top 25 is because i had to reboot itunes when my hp died and i got a shiny new mac. otherwise those would have probably been close to 100 plays or more, along with the entire brand new and daft punk catalogs. techno was great for paper-writing in college. racked up alot of plays.

  12. Yeah, I'm surprised I had no techno or some Gorillaz. I love the Gorillaz!

    I'm glad I had two STP songs on there, since I love them. I'm also glad Weezer showed up. I've started to put them in my Top 10 bands of all time lists.

    And I agree. I always listened to techno or Moby - Play or Gorillaz to write papers as well.

  13. I see now.... I'm gon have to put my top 25 on here cause I'm enjoying the convo on here. Hopefully I'll get on here shortly.