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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Brad Paisley - Time Well Wasted

Time for another B Side infamous Country review. Today brings me over to one straight from the Suggestion Box in Brad Paisley. Speaking of that, please do drop suggestions in the box. It's fun for me to listen to new stuff, and it should be fun to see how your favorites stack up in my opinion. Then you can tell me how smart I am or how dumb I am. Either way, it's fun. This particular album is tied for best selling ever for Mr. Paisley, and was his 4th studio release. After doing a touch of research on him, he's basically the country god at this point in time. A prominent reviewer referred to him as the "standard bearer" for all of the genre. How many country fans agree with that? Because frankly, I don't see it. First and foremost, his highest selling album is 2x platinum? Really? That's it? Your gold star performer can't outsell basically any current punk band? Huge genre acts go 2x in a month, and this record came out in 2005. It just doesn't seem like that acclaim fits the actual results. He seems to bounce around from slow ballad from time to time and then punch out mostly sophomoric or 'fun' type tracks. He's certainly a throw back to the old school country I dislike and not that new pop country that I've actually started to semi-enjoy. Oh, Lady Antebellum has already gone 2x platinum and that came out in JANUARY of THIS YEAR!! I'm going to revert into my country hater status for this one...if you enjoy this, please tell me why. It offers nothing good to my primed up ears.

1. World, The
2. Alcohol
3. Waitin' on a Woman
4. I'll Take You Back
5. She's Everything
6. You Need a Man Around Here
7. Out in the Parkin' Lot
8. Rainin' You
9. Flowers
10. Love Is Never Ending
11. Uncloudy Day, The
12. When I Get Where I'm Going
13. Easy Money
14. Time Warp
15. Time Well Wasted
16. Cornography (Bonus Track)

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Top 3 Tracks:
1. Time Warp (Praise BP for no lyrics)
2. Alcohol
3. She's Everything

.75 out of 5 stars


  1. I think a .75 is a little harsh here... maybe you were in a bad mood when you listened to it. Try it in the car with the sunroof open. I mean he should at least get a .25 bonus for having a track that has Milwaukee in it! I agree that Time Warp is the best track on the album, but it doesn't really fit. I have always loved the song The World, what girl wouldn't want someone to sing a song like that to her. And I like Dolly Parton in "When I Get Where I'm Going".

  2. I think my problem is, I'm comparing it to the country I've been listening to lately. When I stack this up to Antebellum, David Nail etc...stuff that's on my mind, it's just not as good.

    Totally agree that Time Warp doesn't fit, but it's a pretty good song. After that though, it could have been any of the songs, since none stuck out to me. I must not have been listening close enough to pick up on the Milwaukee reference...

    Speaking of newer stuff, I think I'm almost out of country suggestions from you! I only have a couple to go. I saw Dierks Bentley has a new one coming out soon, so that'll be a new music Tuesday post.

  3. You must have not been listening:

    And since the day I left MILWAUKEE
    Lynchburg, Bordeaux, France
    Been makin the bars
    Lots of big money
    and helpin' white people dance
    I got you in trouble in high school
    and college now that was a ball
    you had some of the best times
    you'll never remember with me
    Alcohol, Alcohol

    OK I'll have to come up with some more country albums for you!

  4. Haha...when you put the caps lock on like that to emphasize the word, I feel like a huge idiot.

    Now that you've pointed it out, it rings a little more familiar.

  5. i agree with jen in tosa.

    austin if you didnt pick up on the "milwaukee" in "alcohol" right away you FAIL. and it makes me question the thoroughness with which you review. how many other songs mention "milwaukee?"

    "alcohol" is on my regular jukebox rotation at the bar, along with "whiskey in the jar-o" and "kiss me i'm shitfaced."

    and also, brad paisley is a pretty wicked geetar player. he's no tom morello, but pretty good.

  6. Blah blah blah....I listen to each song twice at least. The thing is, I'm usually listening while doing something else ( know, real work) so sometimes I don't pick up on all the lyrics and just focus on the songs I find myself singing after I'm done listening. If those songs stick out, they go in the Top 3.

    See, I usually find myself playing whatever odd songs are on the jukebox. Oh, and Free Bird. Nothing gets more groans at the bar than Free Bird. Oh and speaking of that, have you noticed that many boxes don't even offer that song anymore? Plenty of other Skynyrd, but no Bird. That just sucks.

  7. and the metal selection is constantly lacking in the ol' jukebox too. even the internet jukebox.

  8. Yeah...can't say I look much for it - but that doesn't surprise me any.