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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Eminem - Recovery


Finally one of the most highly anticipated records of 2010 is out. Finally one of the best hip hop artists of all time released an entire record that even he takes seriously. Finally we have a BIG rap artist putting out music on a regular basis. Finally I can stop using the word finally. I'm a realist, and I know that even though you shouldn't, most of you listen to the radio on a daily basis. Most of you have probably heard a couple tracks already released as singles. Those are both excellent tracks. This album was leaked all across the internet about a month ago, but I refused to listen. I wanted to wait. Really build that anticipation in my head. That could be dangerous as I might be expecting too much - but I really love Em. And even as mediocre as Relapse/Refill was, I still enjoyed it. Based on his own accord, this should be miles ahead of that in terms of quality - so yeah, I am expecting big things. Twice through now, it certainly has a different feel to it. Em isn't going back to shock value lyrics. He isn't going back to silly reggae beats with a dumb voice. He isn't even going back to silly 'my bum is on your lips' lyrics. Em is telling a story again. The same story that makes him one of the realest emcee's out there today. I want to listen to this another 10 or 15 times before I make my real judgment - but that doesn't work in blogging land. My opinion might change over the next couple weeks, but for right now, I think this is really good. It's not the most amazing record ever, but it's very good. The biggest thing I need to focus on is the actual words. That's what always made Eminem better for me than other artists. My first impression is that about half the album is flat out phenomenal, and the other half is decent. Above average, but not the same level as the other half. I'll still be happy if that's how I round out my opinion a month from now, but it's not going to be that infamous 5+ star record I think deep down I was hoping for. Give this a chance though. I really thing rap fans will enjoy it. Even the casual pop fan will probably dig it too. Happy Tuesday!

1. Cold Wind Blows
2. Talkin' to Myself
3. On Fire
4. Won't Back Down
5. W.T.P.
6. Going Through Changes
7. Not Afraid
8. Seduction
9. No Love
10. Space Bound
11. Cinderella Man
12. 25 to Life
13. So Bad
14. Almost Famous
15. Love the Way You Lie
16. You're Never Over
17. Untitled

Listen To Samples

~ On Fire
~ Not Afraid
~ No Love
~ Space Bound
~ Love The Way You Lie
~ You're Never Over

4.25 out of 5 stars (so far, subject to change)

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