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Friday, June 11, 2010

Alice In Chains - Dirt

Let me tell you something folks, Alice in Chains is awesome. If you don't own at least one AIC record, you're just not listening to great tuneage. These guys have put out rock solid album one after another - and don't ever seem to get the respect they deserve. I wanted to review their Unplugged record - which is ALMOST just as amazing as Nirvana's. But I didn't...because I think this album NOT being a 'greatest hits' type record is just as good. Which is saying a lot. This was their 2nd studio release and their best selling to date. Again, that says a lot. Anytime you put out a live greatest hits record, that's almost always going to be your top seller. But for AIC, Dirt is just that awesome. They took a hiatus for about 6 years due to the death of band member Layne Staley. They reunited for a show in 2005 to benefit the tsunami victims in Asia. So far so good, and it sounds like they may put out another record this year. They put one out in 2009 called 'Black Gives Way to Blue', but I honestly have not heard anything off of it. I need to get to it soon though. Please, do yourself a favor and listen to this today. You'll appreciate every second of rock awesomeness.

1. Them Bones
2. Dam That River
3. Rain When I Die
4. Down in a Hole
5. Sickman
6. Rooster
7. Junkhead
8. Dirt
9. God Smack
10. Iron Man
11. Hate to Feel
12. Angry Chair
13. Would?

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Top 3 Tracks:
1. Would?
2. Rooster
3a. Them Bones
3b. Down In A Hole

4.25 out of 5 stars

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