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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Staind - Break The Cycle

People who know me, know that I enjoy a good mix of metals. I certainly would put Staind in the hard rock category, but not the same style as a Metallica, Slipknot or even Korn. They have a hard sound that is I guess more similar to a Seether or something where it's hard, riff heavy - but still kind of poppy at the same time. Whatever the mix is, Staind makes it work to perfection. Especially with this record that has gone 5x platinum. I've seen some other sites give this pretty low ratings, and I really don't understand it. I'd like to know why anyone doesn't like the record. It's got such great lyrics, vocals and arrangements. Very pleasing to listen to. Interesting story - fans might recall Staind playing 'Outside' at a show in Biloxi that was pretty commonly heard on the radio. (it's also a bonus track on this cd). Anyway, in that live version, Fred Durst from Limp is on stage with Aaron Lewis and giving him serious credit for the passionate vocal. It would seem these fellas were pretty tight, and Durst gave Staind a real shot. Well, that almost didn't happen. They were touring in Connecticut, and Durst caught wind of the controversial cover art on Staind's self released debut album. It's really sloppy artwork, but the depiction is of a Barbie on a Cross that is impaling the Bible. Durst attempted to kick Staind off the tour, but changed his mind after hearing them play a set and being so impressed. Crazy how that works. If Durst doesn't hear the set, Staind is booted any maybe never cracks the big show. Because of one guy - that close. Anyway, check this out. If you've heard it before, toss it in again - it's always worth listening to.

1. Open Your Eyes
2. Pressure
3. Fade
4. It's Been Awhile
5. Change
6. Can't Believe
7. Epiphany
8. Suffer
9. Warm Safe Place
10. For You
11. Outside
12. Waste
13. Take It
14. Outside [Live Version]

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Top 3 Tracks:
1. Epiphany
2. Fade
3. Outside (Live Version)

3.75 out of 5 stars

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