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Friday, June 4, 2010

No Doubt - Tragic Kingdom

First and foremost, let me start by saying I love this record. I seem to recall buying this simply for the 'hits' like Spiderwebs and Don't Speak - but truthfully, it's amazing start to finish. I mean, that fact was lost on me when I bought it at 12 years old, but today it resonates through and through. Plus, what teenage boy wasn't in love with Gwen Stefani in the 90's? These guys get classified as a lot of genres, ska, punk, alt rock and the list goes on. Whatever they are, they're really good. None of their other albums have reached ANYWHERE near the success of this one, but I think that's just a testament to how awesome TK is. I mean, it's diamond status - which is pretty crazy. Stefani left the band in 2004 to work on some solo stuff (which who doesn't recall Hollaback Girl??), but they reformed again in 2008. They have their sixth studio album, yet to be named, coming out sometime this year yet. I can't say I'm super excited over the new drop, but I'll certainly give it a listen. If it's half as good as this one, it'll be worth every listening second. I don't listen to this nearly as much as I should, but maybe if I remind you guys and myself - I'll put it in more often. It really is awesome. There no doubting (HA!!!) why this record ruled the radio airwaves back in the mid 90's and no reason why it can't rule your headphones in the early 10's. Happy Friday B Side!

1. Spiderwebs
2. Excuse Me Mr.
3. Just a Girl
4. Happy Now?
5. Different People
6. Hey You
7. Climb, The
8. Sixteen
9. Sunday Morning
10. Don't Speak
11. You Can Do It
12. World Go 'Round
13. End It on This
14. Tragic Kingdom

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Top 3 Tracks:
1. Don't Speak
2. Spiderwebs
3. Tragic Kingdom

4.5 out of 5 stars


  1. What a great album!!
    I'd say:
    1. Just a Girl
    2. Different People
    3. Excuse Me Mr.

  2. love for Don't Speak? I adore that song.

    Honestly, I never skip over any songs on the album, I love it all. You can't go wrong with any songs here!

  3. I like that one too. I just really love the ska vibes (all the horns) in Different People and Excuse Me Mr. Maybe I over played Don't Speak.

  4. Totally understand. I think I overplayed Just A Girl back in the day.

    Thanks for all the country suggestions! I'll be getting to those next week I'm sure.

  5. i would say 'dont speak' is probably the best song on the album, even though it is not my favorite. so aside from that i would say 'excuse me mr,' 'sunday morning,' and 'total hate 95.' oh wait, not on this album... actually i think i like the beacon st collection better than this album. this is a good album and the first CD i ever bought (or the second, the first might have been sixteen stone) but all of my favorite no doubt songs are on other albums.

  6. I don't think I enjoyed any of the other No Doubt records as much as this one. They were for the most part good, but this one took the cake.

    This was probably the 20th cd or so I bought. I must have gotten an earlier start than you.

  7. I love this album!! Christina

  8. It is indeed awesome.

    Thanks for the post.