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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Puddle Of Mudd - Come Clean

I'm not sure if anyone even noticed, but I'm always late on my posts on Wednesdays. Some of you that did notice, may ask why. "Why B Side? Why when I get to work and need a nice music idea, on Wednesday you never come through for me?" To answer your harsh question, I work from home on Wednesday. I like to sleep in an extra hour or two to catch up on sleep. So I try to post by 9am on Wednesday, but today, it's nearly 11. Maybe someday this will be my full time job, and it can be my only worry. That's the hope B Siders! It does make me kind of curious at what point of the day most of my hits come. Is it really early? If so, I can make more of an effort. ANYWAY! Puddle of Mudd. This Kansas City post grunge band was another one to have made it big via Fred Durst. This was their studio debut back in 2001. They've since released 3 more records, of which I've heard zero. I need to get on that. I enjoy this record. I think for back in '01 - their sound wasn't super unique. You had other new bands coming onto the scene that sounded almost identical. But right now, I feel like listening to them is a blast from the past. I'd welcome this album as my 'pop' review of 2010. This is 3x platinum and if I had to guess, their best work. It's received really harsh reviews from other sites, and I don't really get it. It's no 5 star record for certain, but it's got good qualities to it. I'm going to tell you to check it out. You might be surprised. And if nothing else, it's a nice nostalgic trip back to a simpler time, the early aughts. Happy Hump Day B Side!!

1. Control
2. Drift & Die
3. Out of My Head
4. Nobody Told Me
5. Blurry
6. She Hates Me
7. Bring Me Down
8. Never Change
9. Basement
10. Said
11. P*** It All Away
12. Abrasive

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Top 3 Tracks:
1. Drift And Die
2. Blurry
3. Bring Me Down

3 out of 5 stars

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