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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Justin Bieber - My World 2.0

So...Thursday brings me to pop review. And gosh by golly if you can't go 10 minutes without hearing about this Justin Bieber fella. As follower Mith would say, he's got Bieber Fever. I had to get on the internet machine, and finally see what all the fuss was about. So doing a background check, he's 16 years old, apparently quite the heart throb with the teens and is signed to a label owned by Usher. A guy by the name of Scooter Braun saw his videos on YouTube and wanted to sign him to a deal. He later became his manager, hooked up with Usher and the rest is - well, today I guess. And this is serious, kids are getting hurt trying to see this guy. Trampling, fights, crowd control devices are all injuring little girls trying to touch his hands like some screamin' Usher fans. (Thanks Em) All I have to say is - good. That is Darwinism at its finest. First and foremost, I LOVE music. I would never cry at the mere sight of an artist. I certainly would not wait in line 17 hours to maybe catch a glimpse of even the HOTTEST of female performer. It's just stupid. Don't we have better things to do? Anyway...this is for the most part - you guessed it, garbage. Not to sound harsh, but can guys really sing in a tone that high pitched? I mean, if this kid hasn't gone through puberty yet, what happens when he sings like the guy from Crash Test Dummies? Career over right? Regardless, the music sucks. Sure he'll go on to sell a few million records when the day is said and done, but you have to figure at least half will be little girls just buying it because they think buying his record will make him want to be with them in real life. Quite the delusion. But for grown people who actually have a musical palette, don't listen to this. It's not worth the ruining of the rest of your day.

1. Baby
2. Somebody to Love
3. Stuck in the Moment
4. U Smile
5. Runaway Love
6. Never Let You Go
7. Overboard
8. Eenie Meenie
9. Up
10. That Should Be Me

Listen To Samples

Top 3 Tracks:
1. Somebody To Love
2. Baby
3. Eenie Meenie (Yeah, it has Sean Kingston in it, that's how bad the rest is)

.75 out of 5 stars


  1. I know you said not to listen but I had to. It's like a train wreck, I had to look (listen), ya know? I love your review - this is garbage! Where did this kid come from and when can we send him back? I've heard of "Bieber Fever" and I don't get it, probably because I'm not a 14 year old girl. I feel bad for parents who waste their money buying this CD for their kids. It's absolutely horrible.
    - Christina

  2. I don't know what the fuss is about this kid either... but I loved this JB duet/skit with Tina Fey!

  3. I believe it was Beaver Fever, not Beiber Fever.

  4. It's tough. I know 'pop' music isn't really meant for someone like me, but it should at least be tolerable if something is this popular. But alas, if you're Bieber - make your money and get out. Get it while the gettin' is good.

    I'll have to check out that video Jen. I don't have video at work.

    Nice Mith - nice.

  5. i thought you and mith were hitting the beiber concert? : )

  6. i like that this rates just slightly higher than kesha.

    enjoyed the SNL skit. and bieber will make a ton of cash now courtesy of preteens, then wait like 15 years and tour again and make a ton of cash then when those preteens all turn 30, a la the new kids on the block.

    and i would like to bring to the table justin timberlake and the bee gees, male artists who sing in a high pitch.

    and now, off to listen to 'night fever...'

  7. The video was pretty good. I think Tina Fey is just as confused as I am.

    Bee Gee's I'll give you...but JT isn't nearly as high as Bieber. Seriously, do you think this boy has hit puberty yet? It doesn't look like it outwardly anyway.

    Night Fever...nice.