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Friday, July 2, 2010

Lil Wayne - Tha Carter III

FINALLY! I can't believe that I've not reviewed Weezy yet. This review is long overdue for two reasons. I recently met a fellow rap enthusiast that I play softball with, and we were chatting about our favorite rappers. I put Weezy on my list and it made me think, "Wow, I like him - but I don't talk about him or listen to him nearly enough." That was the first sign. Second was yesterday trolling around Target killing time and I came across this record on the shelf. I picked it up and flipped the disc around and started to rap the tracks in my head as I read the names. It hit me, wow - there are a lot of tracks on here that are more than rock solid. But here is the fundamental problem with Weezy - very, VERY hit or miss on most things. Most people probably have no idea, but Lil Wayne never really released studio stuff until the mid to late 2000's. Most of his stuff even today comes out in underground mixtapes. I remember grabbing my first underground album and falling in love with it. But then I'd hear a new one, and I'd toss it aside in disgust. I don't think most casual fans heard of him and even the die hards didn't take him really seriously until this album, Carter III. If nothing else, he proved that he could write phenomenal lyrics and not revert back to the poppish 'Hot Boyz' days. Weezy experiments a LOT with autotune, electronics, funk and even a little reggae at different times. Just to prove my point, this record is one of the best of 2000's, his follow up 'Rebirth', not so much. Regardless of his prowess in succession, there is no denying this cd is well worth the pricetag. The lyrics will keep you listening and the beats will make you play it louder. Another must listen B Siders! Let Weezy make your Friday turn into Friday night.

1. 3 Peat
2. Mr. Carter
3. Milli, A
4. Got Money
5. Comfortable
6. Dr. Carter
7. Phone Home
8. Tie My Hands
9. Mrs. Officer
10. Let the Beat Build
11. Shoot Me Down
12. Lollipop
13. La La
14. Pussy Monster
15. You Ain't Got Nuthin
16. Dontgetit

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Top 3 Tracks:
1. Mr. Carter
2. A Milli
3. Lollipop

4. Dontgetit

4.25 out of 5 stars

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