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Friday, July 9, 2010

Blessid Union Of Souls - Self Titled

YAY!! Finally - not sure about you guys, but when we have a 'short' week due to holiday or whatever, it feels even longer than a regular week. Perplexing, yet true. I feel like I've been working 17 days straight on like 4 hours of sleep. But that's neither here nor there. What is here, is my 'odd' review for Blessid Union. Now - some of you may have heard of these guys because of one pretty monstrous single that dropped back in 1998. But even for those that have heard 'Light', I'd guess you didn't rush out and by the album back then. Or heard that song a decade later and went to pick this up. So I'm here to let you know - I really dig these guys. These fellas are from Ohio and formed around 1990. This was their second studio release, and the only reason I didn't start with that album is simple...I've never heard it. Their first album 'Home' gets really rave reviews and I need to get to that very soon. If it's half as good as this one, I know I'll love it. I got tuned into them in 2005 or so, and had no idea they sang the big popular track on here. I mean, vocally now that I know, it makes total sense - but still a nice surprise. I encourage anyone who enjoys 'mood' type music to check these guys out. They're really solid. They've got half a dozen records out there, and as always, I promise to get to them all in due time. Happy Friday!

1. I Wanna Be There
2. Jelly
3. Light In Your Eyes
4. Scenes From A Coffee House
5. Hold Her Closer
6. My Friend
7. Where We Were Before
8. It's Your Day (Bronson's Song)
9. Humble Star
10. When She Comes
11. Peace And Love

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Top 3 Tracks:
1. Peace And Love
2. Hold Her Closer
3. Light In Your Eyes

4 out of 5 stars

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