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Monday, July 12, 2010

Hollywood Undead - Swan Songs

Monday. First day of the week. Longest possible moment until the last day of the work week. But as always B Siders, it's also the best day of the week for blogging. I get to write at least 10 reviews this week, which always makes my week tolerable. Anyway, on to Hollywood Undead which is yet another request from follower Christina. Just a side note, you are all doing a GREAT job with suggestions. I'm extremely happy with the amount of new stuff and even some old stuff that I've gotten to run through again because of you fans. Much appreciated. So on to HU, these guys are - hmm...odd? When I first looked them up, they were listed as a hard rock/metal band. I then read that they all wore masks and went by pseudonyms and not their real names. So immediately, I was thinking they were going to be similar to Slipknot or that like. Boy was I wrong. If I was comparing them to a masked band, I'd probably lean more toward the Insane Clown Posse - which is really not a good thing. They're more of a rock/rap hybrid type band - which doesn't quite live up to other genre expectations. They have a sound very similar to Linkin Park, but no tracks nearly as solid as they do. The problem is, what you might expect is some really crazy, nasty lyrics - but those never show up. It's more tame like Asher Roth or even the very WEAKEST of Eminem lyrics. Instead of having shock value and making headlines, they're just uninteresting and tired. I feel like they have a big time identity crisis since they're image doesn't match their lyrics that don't match the beats. It's just confusing. These fellas were made famous via Myspace - even signing a deal with Myspace records. Well - I suggest they relegate themselves back to obscurity and the answer to an odd trivia question. I don't see the music the thing ever making them famous.

1. Undead
2. Sell Your Soul
3. Everywhere I Go
4. No Other Place
5. No.5
6. Young
7. Black Dahlia
8. This Love, This Hate
9. Bottle And A Gun
10. California
11. City
12. Diary, The
13. Pimpin'
14. Paradise Lost

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Top 3 Tracks:
1. Everywhere I Go
2. Undead
3. No. 5

1.25 out of 5 stars


  1. Ok, while I totally agree that their look does not match their sound at all, I do like a couple of their songs. Not enough to go buy the CD but I would add them to my ipod. I don't 'get' their masked look thing. I also thought of Slipknot when I looked them up on Wiki but they have an Eminem sound. I actually thought it was Eminem singing 'Everywhere I Go' when I first heard it. Weird. Don't care for all of their songs but I do like a few of them. - Christina

  2. I didn't really groove with any of the tracks. It was actually bothering me how I could pick out bands that they sounded identical to. I agree that Eminem's voice seemed to be present on a couple tracks, which almost made me mad. I highly doubt Em would like these guys, considering his big feud with ICP.

    I don't's just rubbish to me. Even the tracks that were hit singles that people like, I just didn't find myself singing along and tapping my toes. Could just be that I was in the wrong mood today, or it's just not my style.