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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Darude - Before The Storm

Well hello B Siders! I certainly hope everyone had a nice, long holiday weekend. I know mine was too short as usual, but then again - coming back to work is what always brings me back to the B Side! All in all worth it I'd say. Anyhow, Techno Tuesday storms back with Darude. Now, I'm not sure where you all were in 2000ish when it seems like you couldn't walk on any city block or go in any car and not hear Sandstorm. If you don't recall the trancing beat and the sick electronics, you might not have really been alive during that period of your life. Darude is one dude named Ville and he's a Finnish DJ. He's got three records out this being numero uno released in 2001. That kind of begs the question though, Sandstorm technically dropped in 1999 as a single, so why wait TWO YEARS before actually releasing the record? All that buzz would have helped the album sales, but the capitalization came very late. Let's check the sales of this album --- wait for it --- well, it's not exact, but from what I can tell it might not have even gone platinum. Pretty lame for such a monstrous single. I mean, it was so hot that he put 17 versions of that track on this record. As a side note: I hate that. Be more creative. If I go buy an album the last thing I want is 7 versions of ONE song out of 15. It shows laziness and lack of respect for your fans. Anyway, this isn't amazing. If you're a beatnut like me, you'll probably enjoy most of it - but I wouldn't rush out to pick it up. I am really interested in his more current stuff, so as always - I'll get to it soon!

1. Sandstorm
2. Burning
3. Feel The Beat
4. Out Of Control
5. Touch Me Feel Me
6. Calm Before The Storm
7. Let The Music Take Control
8. Drums Of New York
9. The Flow
10. Sandstorm (JS 16 Remix)
11. Sandstorm (Superchumbo Sandy Storm Remix)
12. Sandstorm (Darude vs Orgy Astro American Remix)
13. Feel The Beat (JS 16 Dark Mix)
14. Out Of Control (Vocal Mix)

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Top 3 Tracks:
1. Sandstorm
2. Calm Before The Storm
3. Feel The Beat

3 out of 5 stars


  1. i can't even listen to sandstorm now without skipping it before the first minute is up.

  2. I have to say...even for as much as I've heard it over the years - it still amps me up a bit.