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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Scotty McCreery - Clear As Day

Ahh yes. The HIGHLY anticipated debut release of Season 10 American Idol winner, Scotty McCreery. Seriously, did anyone even remember about this kid? I understand the show is huge and that people vote in droves for this contest. But is anyone really going to rush out today and pick this up? Please let me know if you are. Anyways, New Music Tuesday swings into place with Scotty here. He's 17 years old, and hails from Garner, North Carolina. What he has going for him, is he has the vocal of a guy 55 years old who has been smoking and drinking whiskey his whole life. Perfect if you want to get into the country music business. Even though he was from NC, he ended up auditioning in my hometown of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The judges of course were impressed and shocked by his voice. He won the show pretty easily, among seemingly no real competition. This is all my opinion of course, and I don't find his style to be all that appealing. When I do listen to country music, I enjoy listening to guys sing about their issues and stuff I can relate to. This "kid" is a kid! He's 17! What's been his biggest problem so far? I wanted to kiss a girl, but I didn't have the courage? My mom didn't make pancakes this morning and I had to settle for two Eggo's WITHOUT any syrup? These aren't problems I can relate to. And that's pretty much what this album is. Sure, he's got the voice. Sure, he's got some pretty nice arrangements on this album. But it's pure nonsense. 'The Trouble With Girls'? Come on. If you're over 16 this song shouldn't be relate-able to you. I'm all fired up now. It isn't so much as this is bad, it's just not worth listening to. I'd rather listen to Taylor Swift's problems - at least she has a great Kanye story.

1. Out of Summertime
2. I Love You This Big
3. Clear As Day
4. Trouble with Girls, The
5. Water Tower Town
6. Walk in the Country
7. Better Than That
8. Write My Number On Your Hand
9. Dirty Dishes
10. You Make That Look Good
11. Back on the Ground
12. That Old King James

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Top 3 Tracks:
1. Better Than That
2. Clear As Day
3. Back On The Ground

1.75 out of 5 stars


  1. I'm somewhat hesitant to admit I watch American Idol (guilty pleasure I guess?) but anyway I have always thought this kid was highly overrated. He's got a decent voice but honestly he bores me. I much preferred the 3rd place finisher Haley Reinhart. She didn't a pretty decent version of a Led Zepplin song on the show so that gets points in my book. So all in all, I'd say I agree with your review!

  2. I watch the people who are terrible in the early episodes, but the contest itself is just too long and drawn out for me. And it's hard to make each week be super different.

    Plus when you look back historically, the better artists sales wise didn't win the show. That's part of the problem with a fan style vote. The judges might have picked Jennifer Hudson, who knows.

    Anyway, thanks for the comment and reading. Much appreciated!

  3. I agree with you here B. I mean, as I've mentioned countless times before I love a nice composition but, the content has to be just as compelling.

    He's got a solid set of vocals no doubt however, I can't see myself getting that deep into it.

  4. Maybe if he can keep it up, he can be more than just another Idol low seller. But he'll have to seriously upgrade the content of his records. He'll be able to keep the pipes I'm sure, so it's just a matter of bringing the whole thing home.