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Monday, September 26, 2011

Amy Grant - Heart In Motion

You know what's crazy? Amy Grant is 50 years old. Now, I know that I'm no spring chicken - but 50? Come on. I remember this album pretty vividly. It was hard not to hear at least one Amy Grant single every day back in 1991. I'm getting ahead of myself though - I need to start from the childhood beginning. Her family settled in Nashville when she was a kid, which pretty much guarantees a kid will end up in music. She wrote her first song and performed the first time at 16. She recorded her first album in 1977 - at the ripe age of 17. Here was this regular girl with a solid voice, singing Christian tunes. It wasn't really common at the time, and Grant had the market cornered. Where now Christian acts tend to have more barriers than doors opening, it was the opposite for Grant. She was contacted by just about every major company wanting her to do specials and appearances. She was even labeled as the "Queen of Christian pop" by the media. Not a bad thing. In the mid 80's - Grant got a little greedy though. She wanted to be more than just a Christian act. She wanted to make contemporary pop music (still with a Christian undertone) but have it appeal to the masses. Her first couple attempts didn't fare so well - but then BAM! 1991 came, and 'Heart In Motion' dropped. What exactly did this accomplish? Only a 5x platinum rating in the states. Not bad eh? Now, this certainly isn't the kind of music I normally groove on. We all know that. A 7-8 year me however, thought singing this all over our townhouse at the time was pretty amazing. If nothing else, bring back some memories today. I promise you know all the words still.

1. Good For Me
2. Baby Baby
3. Every Heartbeat
4. That's What Love Is For
5. Ask Me
6. Galileo
7. You're Not Alone
8. Hats
9. I Will Remember You
10. How Can We See That Far
11. Hope Set High

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Top 3 Tracks:
1. Good For Me
2. Baby Baby
3. Every Heartbeat

3 out of 5 stars


  1. i think i had this cassette tape. i think i never listened to it, instead favoring janet jackson.

    the only song i can place on this album is 'baby baby,' which is totally 90s, but isn't too shabby.

  2. This was one I don't think my sister had. Not sure why, seemed right up her alley.

    Really? I wasn't a big fan, but I recall all my top 3. They all came back to me pretty quick.