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Thursday, September 8, 2011

What To Do....

Hey All.

Sorry I didn't post anything yesterday, but I want to be open with all you guys. I've been finding myself having a harder and harder time getting all pumped for the reviews lately. Part of me thought I could just do less - but if I couldn't keep up with the two per day, I'm not sure if it'd be worth it anymore.

I guess I'm contemplating shutting 'er down - at least for a while, but I might be convinced otherwise too. It's been a really fun almost two years now, but I'm not sure I'll be able to go another two.

Shoot me a comment or something with your thoughts. I think if enough people let me know they really do want read this daily and enjoy finding new music - I'd most likely be happy to continue forward.

B Side


  1. I like reading the blog and don't think twice a day is necessary. Even if you cut back to every other day, it would still have enough "new" content. You could review a new release every Tuesday or Thursday (whatever day they come out, I forget, and then review something else M, W, or Fri. I don't think your blog needs 2 a day to stay relevant, but I think it is worth keeping up. Gotta figure out ways to spread the word.

  2. It shouldn't feel like a chore. Do it when the mood strikes. That's how I blog anyway - only when I find something worth blogging about. Like this little nugget:

  3. Hey B!!!

    Please don't go so soon. It's been a minute since I've dropped a comment but I still visit very regularly and I enjoy it. I loved seeing a different perspective on the albums I knew or the albums I didn't know.

    As the first comment mentioned, it's very much worth keeping up. Nothing has an effect on my day quite like music does, there's just no comparison. I can't speak for anyone but myself though I'm sure there are many who will agree with me when I say that you've got a goldmine of a blog here. I LOVE IT, honestly! You have unselfishly offered your viewpoint towards the songs that have maintained a spot in peoples lives, songs that get folks hype, songs that maybe weren't the period.

    I'd love for you to stay :)

  4. Love it. Dont give up but if motivation wanes, try Mondays and Fridays only.