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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Wild Beasts - Smother

I certainly hope everyone is back from a nice, long holiday weekend - well rested and ready to grind it out for another shortened work week. But we come back today - and it's Tuesday! We should have Monday off every week and just start on Tuesdays! But since I'm over on Techno stuff, I'm just going to run with a band I heard about recently, Wild Beasts. They're from Kendal, England and have been making music since 2002 or so. In what started off as a small duo - they turned into a trio in 2004 and started making music that labels wanted to be a part of. Their first studio drop came in 2008 and this particular album came out most recently in 2011 - their third studio recording. It went all the day up to number 17 on the UK charts - no real movement in the US mainstream though. I'm not totally sure what prior albums sounded like for these guys, but this is a very synth based sound. It really has that dream pop type feel to it as well. Like and indie rock meets dream fantasy land type sound. It's pretty neat. The band moved to London in response to wanting to make their third record, and it seemed like a solid move for all the band members. They talk about the album name and have some interesting thoughts on the word smother as it relates to humans and our reaction to the world. Worth a read if you're up for it someday. Anyhow, this has gotten pretty great reviews universally, and I won't be any different. It's not only intriguing, but really good music to boot. Not a bad combo platter. I can't imagine too many people not at least thinking this has a solid vibe, and it music you wouldn't at least be excited to sample.

1. Lion's Share
2. Bed of Nails
3. Deeper
4. Loop the Loop
5. Plaything
6. Invisible
7. Albatross
8. Reach a Bit Further
9. Burning
10. End Come Too Soon

Listen To Samples

Top 3 Tracks:
1. Lion's Share
2. End Come Soon
3. Plaything

4 out of 5 stars

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