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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Black Keys - The Big Come Up

Is it any secret that one of the best shows of the year is going down tonight? Florence + The Machine, Cage The Elephant and the Black Keys. One night only, Summerfest, Milwaukee, Wisconsin. It's going to melt my face off in rock amazingness. I wanted to run a review from one of those three artists today, and then by default it had to be these guys. I've reviewed Flo's one album and Cage's two. Since I've only done two of the Keys records, I still have many more to go. I decided to run with 'The Big Come Up' today, because that's where I got started. Devotees may recall how I was introduced to the band, and that was via a TV show on HBO. The intro to that show is the track 'I'll Be Your Man'. I knew right from that sick opening this was a band I could probably jive with. I proceeded to pick up every album they've ever made shortly there after. In total, this is probably in the middle of my favorites, but if you listen to it - it's still a great record. They have this sound, this dirty guitar, dirty vocal - made in the garage type sound. And they never stray from it. They stick to that normally fast paced dirty arrangement and it just flat out works. Having heard every album they've ever done, they all somehow sound unique and have tracks you can identify with each specific record. This one has a couple anthems (as I like to call them) in which you can put on that track, and everyone listening is going to be captivated. Naturally, those will be in my Top 3 tracks. I'll be listening to these guys all day to get pumped for the show, and so I can sing along later. I suggest you all listen today too, concert or no. You can't go wrong with some Keys.

1. Busted
2. Do the Rump
3. I'll Be Your Man
4. Countdown
5. Breaks, The
6. Run Me Down
7. Leavin' Trunk
8. Heavy Soul
9. She Said, She Said
10. Them Eyes
11. Yearnin'
12. Brooklyn Bound
13. 240 Years Before Your Time

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Top 3 Tracks:
1. Breaks
2. Countdown
3. I'll Be Your Man

4 out of 5 stars

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