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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Sublime With Rome - Yours Truly

I'm not entirely sure why - but I don't feel like listening to dance music today. So another week of hiatus for 'Techno Tuesday'. I'm guessing there aren't too many people upset by that, only because the techno albums are usually the least commented on. Anyways, it's a double super happy bonus version of New Music Tuesday today. And we start with Sublime with Rome. Basically what this band is - is Sublime with Rome Ramirez as the new frontman. Since Bradley Nowell's death in 1996, a lot of creative music has not been out there from the other two members of the band. Rome Ramirez is basically another guy. He's just from California and I can't find that he was in another group before doing this project. But if you listened to the Dirty Heads from a while back, he wrote and sand the chorus in 'Lay Me Down' - the main single off their one album. They were going around using the Sublime name, but it turns out Nowell owned the rights to that name. So some lawsuits resulted, and the final output was Sublime with Rome - which is somehow okay in the eyes of legal professionals. 'Panic' has been crawling all over the radio lately, and it's not a bad track. Overall, it's got (oddly enough) the same feel as Sublime used to feel. Very laid back, quasi ska type feel. Island music sort of. The only difference here seems to be the lyrics. I could always count on old Sublime inspiring me to think about something or sing along - I'm not sure this shares that quality. There are a couple sing worthy tracks, but I didn't vibe with it as much as old stuff. Time will tell. Certainly worth a listen though, especially if you're an old school Sublime fan.

1. Panic
2. Only
3. Lovers Rock
4. Murdera
5. My World
6. Paper Cuts
7. PCH
8. Same Old Situation
9. Take It or Leave It
10. You Better Listen
11. Spun
12. Can You Feel It

Listen To Samples

Top 3 Tracks:
1. Lovers Rock
2. Panic
3. Can You Feel it

3 out of 5 stars

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