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Monday, July 11, 2011

Selena Gomez - A Year Without Rain

Sometimes, I don't know why I put myself through such anguish. I keep telling myself I review a variety of music to stay open minded and retain objectivity. And I think I achieve that. Plus, I've been tuned in to some music I'd have never given a shot years ago. But one thing I'm pretty certain on, I'm going to hate Selena Gomez. Nevermind she was a Disney star. Nevermind she's "dating" Justin Bieber. Nevermind that she recorded this album when she was seventeen. Even nevermind that her backup band is named "The Scene". Ugh, I'm going to get through it. So she was born in Texas in 1992. She was born to an actress mother, which I think is part of the reason she got into the work at such a young age. The acting began and she starting picking up popularity in 2008 or so. And of course, when a brand like Disney catches wind a younger, attractive girl is starting to build steam, they put her in every medium possible and ram her down your throat. So naturally, she had to start putting out records too. The music stuff started in 2009, with this album being the 2nd studio drop for Selena and the Scene. The album is marked gold, selling about 600k copies in the US. After listening to this today, it's not really what I expected. Yes, it's very much still teen pop music - something not directed toward me in the slightest. But she doesn't sing like a 17 year old girl. She's got some pipes. The lyrics are pretty bad, but the beats are pretty solid in spots. I think she could have some potential. Just need to transition to more "adult" stuff, which will come in time. Although, I'm reading she wants to give up music and focus on acting - so what do I know? Anyways, don't go into the car and put the hammer down to the record store for this or anything - but it might not be as bad as you think.

1. Round & Round
2. Year Without Rain, A
3. Rock God
4. Off the Chain
5. Summer's Not Hot
6. Intuition
7. Spotlight
8. Ghost of You
9. Sick of You
10. Live Like There's No Tomorrow

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Top 3 Tracks:
1. Off The Chain
2. Ghost Of You
3. Round & Round

1.75 out of 5 stars


  1. that album cover looks too sparkly for the music to be good. totally judging the album by its cover here. sparkly and feel-goody. i won't be sampling.

  2. and, "the scene?" that is definitely not as cool as "the revolution" or "the cult jam" or "full force."

  3. Looks can be deceiving janis!. But in this case, you're probably right.

    The Scene might be top 5 worst backup band names ever. I was never a huge fan of the 'Heartbreakers'. Always thought they could have been something cooler.

  4. sounds like a cool theme for a post: best and worst backing band names.