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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Wyclef Jean - The Carnival

Inevitably, whenever I really enjoy a particular band, and the lead splits off into their own solo act, I end up comparing those works to the original bands' works. For example, comparing the value of Fergie's solo stuff versus BEP's albums. Not necessarily fair to compare, but it makes me feel Fergie should realize she has it good with BEP, and not branch out. Now with Wyclef here, it's hard not to listen to this and recall the amazingness that is 'The Score' by the Fugees. I know Wyclef was desiring a different vibe from what he was doing with the group - but I love that album. And this would need to be up on par with the original 'Score'. Just my input. This came out in 1997, and it was widely thought Wyclef caused the Fugees break because he wanted to run with a solo career. I don't think that was accurate and a conclusion the media jumped to - but alas. This is listed as 2x platinum by the RIAA and comedian Chris Rock put this in his top 25 hip hop albums of all time. Fairly high praise. One thing I need to get off my chest about hip hop albums in general, and this really impacts my feeling on this record - I HATE skits. I hate when you put out a 30 track album, and 15 of them are stupid skits where it's just nonsense. I've never heard one skit based record that I thought the skits added ANY value to the album. They just annoy me and make me not want to listen to the rest. Anyways, this has those - and a lot of them. It's supposed to play out like a play or movie, but it doesn't. And I can't stand it. It seems like there are only 5 or 6 real songs on this album, which is frustrating. I enjoy Wyclef, and I loved the Fugees. I looked past the skits on that record, because the music was that good. Not the case on 'Carnival'. I can't recommend this, and since it was a Suggestion Box request from peterman - I'm hoping he comments with this thoughts. Maybe I need to listen a few more times, but I'd like to hear what he (or anyone else) enjoys about this record.

1. Intro
2. Apocalypse
3. Guantanamera
4. Pablo Diablo (Interlude)
5. Bubblegoose
6. Prelude To "To All The Girls
7. To All The Girls
8. Down Lo Ho (Interlude)
9. Anything Can Happen
10. Gone till November
11. Words Of Wisdom (Interlude)
12. Year Of The Dragon
13. Sang F├ęzi
14. Fresh Interlude
15. Mona Lisa
16. Street Jeopardy
17. Killer M.C. (Interlude)
18. We Trying to Stay Alive
19. Gunpowder
20. Closing Arguments (Interlude)
21. Enter The Carnival (Interlude)
22. Jaspora
23. Yele
24. Carnival

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Top 3 Tracks:
1. Year Of The Dragon
2. Gone Till November
3. We Trying To Stay Alive

2 out of 5 stars

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