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Friday, July 1, 2011

Creed - My Own Prison

So I know that I've taken it on the chin a few times by saying I didn't mind Creed. Back in the day, I think they were a fairly good rock band that ended up getting progressively worse over time. What always entertains me is people always want to talk smack about Creed, and you have a hard time finding their supporters. Yet, they are one of the best selling bands of all time. TENS of millions of albums sold over the years, and the number keeps going up. When this dropped in 1997, you have to remember what was going on in the industry as a whole. The grunge movement was pretty much over, and you started to see the more "emo" and punk rock bands take over. Rap was starting to make a pretty big come back in the US too. I think in general, it was a time when America was yearning for good old fashioned, guitar strumming rock and roll. And no one really wanted to provide it. Although this album was toned down and made more radio friendly, it still has a solid rock sound to it. Lyrically is a pretty good album, and obviously had the "hits" too. I remember thinking Creed was nothing amazing, but this album changed my mind. And I'll state that this record is hands down my favorite, and the one I'd consider most tolerable for the casual listener. And at 6x platinum, many, many people out there would seem to agree. I'm not going to write today that you need to start giving Creed respect. The lead singer is a bit of an a-hole and their music has gone downhill. All I'm suggesting is, give this another shot sometime. You might be surprised in how good it is.

1. Torn
2. Ode
3. My Own Prison
4. Pity For a Dime
5. In America
6. Illusion
7. Unforgiven
8. Sister
9. What's This Life For
10. One

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Top 3 Tracks:
1. My Own Prison
2. Ode
3. One

4.25 out of 5 stars


  1. i love 'one.' 1997. wow. you're getting old.

    i didn't mind this album so much when it came out but i got really sick of creed with the next release. to this day 'with arms wide open' makes me want to kill puppies. this is a pretty good one though. they have the same kind of sound that days of the new had.

  2. This is just a solid record. By no means the best rock album of the 90's - but a good listen, even today.

    I certainly didn't enjoy the follow up as well, but killing puppies? Come on.

    Hate to break it to you, but you are also - getting old janny.

  3. oh i acknowledge full well that i am getting old. i started getting old before i hit 21. consider that in the past year i've mostly listened to music that is between 10 and 70 years old, i fully admit that i am no spring chicken. and i just don't understand today's youth. it's probably sad when you long for the days of brittany spears (pre-head shaving) and are moderately happy that she's making a small comeback. but i digress...

  4. I listen to a lot of crazy stuff. I'm not sure I've ever wanted Brittney to make more music, and that includes now. Although, pop music today (for the most part) is awful. I don't think kids today know what good music is.

    That is unless they are listening to Black Keys, Eels, Mumford and Sons, Florence + The Machine or other great current bands.

  5. I feel old too. (Listen at me, coming in the convo all unannounced) lol. I do though...

    I mean, today the majority of music seems to be a quantity over quality type thing. I feel that to be more so in "pop"ular culture but, you could argue that it goes across the board.

  6. Since I feel old, I should retire...that would be amazing.

    There are very few quality bands out there. And I'm not sure the kids are digging the quality bands. They're not making pop tracks for TRL or whatever the hell else is out there today.

    There were basically no kids at the Black Keys show. I mean, that's just good old fashioned rock music!! What's not to love at any age?