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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Ice Cube - Lethal Injection

I'm such a music nerd, that often I'll watch music related programs on TV. And by often, I mean nearly daily. I watched three documentaries recently about NWA/Ice Cube by himself. That inspired me to do some Cube - which somehow I haven't done yet. While watching the VH1 'Behind The Music' about Cube, I kept thinking about how I was never that big a fan of his stuff. But upon reflection, I never really listened to much of his stuff in total - just singles. So it wasn't fair. Plus - I learned that he was the mastermind behind much of Eazy E and NWA's stuff, as the writer of the group. He even wrote the movie 'Friday' back in the day - had no idea. I decided to run with this particular record for a couple reasons. 1) I ADORE the song 'Bop Gun'. It's one of those underrated tracks or unheard by most people tracks that everyone can groove to. 2) It features the track 'Down For Whatever' which has nostalgic value for me from the film 'Office Space'. Not to mention, it's just a really well done rap song. 3) 'You Know How We Do' has one of those's just contagious. And you might be flipping that beat around in your head one day - and can't recall where it was from. I want to remember. Did I just give away my Top 3? Hmm...seems probably. Anyhow - Cube is the man. He's one of few guys that can do the family films, "sell out" according to some peers - but still be really respected in the business. He still puts on shows every now and again, and from what I hear - they're solid too. This was his fourth studio recording, dropped in 1993 and is certified platinum. I recommend listening to this today, and then maybe picking it up. It's worth it enough I think I'm going to grab it today.

1. Shot, The (Intro)
2. Really Doe
3. Ghetto Bird
4. You Know How We Do It
5. Cave Bitch
6. Bop Gun (One Nation)
7. What Can I Do?
8. Lil Ass Gee
9. Make It Ruff, Make It Smooth
10. Down for Whatever
11. Enemy
12. When I Get to Heaven
13. What Can I Do?

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Top 3 Tracks:
1. Bop Gun
2. Down For Whatever
3. You Know How We Do It

3.5 out of 5 stars

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