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Monday, January 10, 2011

Band Of Horses - Cease To Begin

When I do 'Odd' reviews every week, they can be any genre. I think the purpose of them is one of two things. It's either: 1) to introduce you to new bands that you may have never heard of - or 2) get you to listen to music that doesn't fit into regular radio play genres. Band of Horses pretty much fits into both categories. Thanks to peterman for the request in the Suggestion Box. Those are rare from peterman, so keep 'em coming buddy! These guys are a Seattle based band that used to go by the simple name of 'Horses'. For only being around since 2004 - they've gone through a shocking number of band members. Cease to Begin is their second studio drop, and for some reason, after the first album - they decided to up and move to South Carolina. I can't say if their sound changed after their location did, as I never heard their first record. How to describe these guys...hmm... Umm, I guess I've read comparisons to My Morning Jacket or maybe even a band based Neil Young. Okay, I guess I can roll with that. The MMJ comparison I guess feels pretty good, just from an overall sound standpoint. They've got a very indie rock feel, but then also a similar spacey arrangement which I always enjoy. Plus, this album has a track titled 'Detlef Schrempf'. I mean come doesn't get any better than that. A couple tracks almost have a Mumford and Sons feel too. I really like this. The Top 3 tracks are all songs that I fully intend to download today if the album is too expensive on iTunes. This is rock solid, check it out to make your Monday fly by.

1. Is There a Ghost
2. Ode to LRC
3. No One's Gonna Love You
4. Detlef Schrempf
5. General Specific, The
6. Lamb on the Lam (In the City)
7. Islands on the Coast
8. Marry Song
9. Cigarettes, Wedding Bands
10. Window Blues

Listen To Samples

Top 3 Tracks:
1. Is There A Ghost
2. Marry Song
3. The General Specific

4 out of 5 stars


  1. Nice.

    Gotta say I like how you encourage us to "BUY" the album or the particular songs and help the artists, good going.

  2. Oh yeah. I gave that illegal stuff up years ago. I love the industry too much.

    What did you think of this one?

  3. Well, probably the one track that stuck out for me was track 3: No One's Gonna Love You.

    Honestly, though this would take me some getting used to, I looked forward to hearing the samples knowing that I was gonna hear something new, not the "typical". I was thinking too, they remind me of Train, especially listening to "Ode To LRC", reminds me of Trains single "Calling All Angels".

  4. Hmm...Train isn't a band I would have thought of. But then again, I've never listened to a whole Train record.

  5. █I know, you mentioned before that you didn't jive with them too much█

  6. ☺ I've been meaning to ask you, how did you come up with your SONGS OF THE MOMENT ARCHIVE, I know its simple but it's brilliant all the same. Sometimes I come to your page just to see your list constantly expand. ☻

  7. Crazy enough - it's just a song off the top of my head. I try to mix it up between artists and genres every new track. It'd be a fun playlist to create on grooveshark some time.

    So yeah, just random thoughts off the top of my head. Last I checked, there are quite a few songs. 200 or so?

  8. YEA, I'm gettin' close to 200 about 188 or 190.

    Just thinking too. I looked through your BLOG ARCHIVE as well, and you've examined many albums. I sat at my table, in the computer room, just thinking about it and I became overwhelmed. Not necessarily at how many, but that there was constantly something new, even if it was the same artists, it was a different album.

    I love the variety.

  9. Wow, it is my year. Two of my sugggestions taken and throughly reviewed. Band of Horses has a lil place in my heart that can't be discribed here, there's a certain tone or soul in some of the songs here that "speak" to me. I suppose since I did suggest it, I should add several tracks as far as I can tell have been featured on the TV show "CHUCK".

  10. Yeah...I think that's one of the bigger goals of the blog. Keep listening to and reviewing different stuff everyday. Not only to keep everybody interesting in reading, but to keep my wits sharp in terms of other music. Keeping my mind open I suppose.

    Thanks for the kind comments!

  11. I liked these guys peterman. I might check out some other stuff of theirs.

    Thanks for the suggestions! Keep 'em coming!