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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

David Banner & 9th Wonder - Death Of A Pop Star

New Music Tuesday rolls on with a little hip hop, maybe more specifically southern rap. David Banner has been known for very deep Mississippi tracks before. A couple of them were pretty catchy in the past, but he never really hit the big time. He dropped the track 'Play' back in 2005 - which is probably one of the dirtiest songs I've ever heard in my life. Banner has also been in a couple of movies and is also an activist. He has testified in front of Congress regarding African-American stereotypes. Kinda cool. Combine that with North Carolina based producer 9th Wonder, and maybe you have a smash hit? 9th Wonder got his big break when he released an unofficial remix of Nas's 'God's Son' record back in 2003. He called it 'God's Stepson' and it was released via internet outlets and not in stores. 9th Wonder has worked with just about everybody. He's put out whole collabo records with guys like Wale and Drake. He's going places. What I like about this is exactly what the title is trying to lead you toward. This album is geared toward real hip hop fans. It isn't poppy. They even talked about how they don't expect this to sell through the roof, because they want to get rid of that poppy trend. Banner has made a living catering to the dance or pop crowd, and it's good to just hear him flow with a reputable producer. This isn't by any means amazing though...and a little bit of a letdown to southern rap. It's got the beats and the hooks, but it doesn't come all together like other southern albums do. It's worth checking out, but maybe not worth buying.

1. Diamonds on My Pinky
2. No Denying (Channel 3)
3. Mas 4
4. Light, The
5. Slow Down
6. Be with You
7. Stutter
8. Silly
9. Something Is Wrong
10. Strange

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Top 3 Tracks:
1. Be With You
2. Something Is Wrong
3. Diamonds On My Pinky

3.25 out of 5 stars


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  2. I hear what your saying. I'd heard of 9th Wonder but I didn't quite know that he was a North Carolina native, nice, my residency. Anyway, do you know when it was released? Didn't know that Banner was still in the studio. Cool though.

    I think a 3.25 is a justified rating too...

    (deleted that first comment because I was way off on what I meant to say)

  3. This just dropped last week. I don't think Banner hits the studio too hard anymore, but every now and again.

    3.25 is only because it's just not quite all there for me.

    By the way, I looked up a couple of your suggestions, and can't find any Diggy Simmons stuff at this point. There was one more too, that didn't have samples. So don't think I'm ignoring you or anything - just can't find it. =)