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Monday, January 31, 2011

Metaform - The Electric Mist

Sometimes any day of the week can be like a New Music Tuesday for me. First it was Bobaflex (which was new to me) and now Metaform. Which safe to say - I can't say I'd ever heard of before. Having listened to this once now, I can say that a song or two sounds very familiar to me - but the name didn't ring any bells. This one is straight from the keyboard of follower haypeterman. Peterman does a great job of cluing me into some new, odd stuff. This certainly would fall into the odd category - just because it's so genre bending. Is it rock? Electronic? Maybe a touch of soul music? I couldn't tell you how to classify it. Regardless, Justice Aaron is the real name of this American born musician, songwriter and producer. Metaform grew up in California - with his father playing Simon & Garfunkel, Leonard Cohen style albums, while his mom was listening to Whitney Houston type stuff. His parents divorced in the 80's and he moved from LA to San Francisco. This ended up being a big key in his music career, as he got an internship at Spark Studios. This allowed him to work with people like Scarface and E-40. He then worked as a freelance sound engineer for some very prominent hip hop artists. There really isn't any information about this album. It's not available at Best Buy - and there is nothing about it on Wikipedia. And we all know, if it's not on Wiki - you don't exist. But being a Milwaukee Brewers fan - I believe track 2 - 'Revenge Of A Nerd' was an at bat song for my main man Prince Fielder. So - HUGE props for that. This whole album is in a word - addictive. I listened to it once, and I was so blown away/confused/sad/happy - I had to flip it on again. And the second time, it's still just this conglomerate of different sounds. It's a very neat listen. I'd say go out and buy it, but I don't know where. I'll have to check iTunes when I get home - because I'd like to hear more. If you're on Grooveshark, give this a go today. Well worth your time.

1. Electric Eyes
2. Revenge Of A Nerd
3. Candy
4. O.C.D
5. My Love
6. I Dreamt Of The Machine
7. It's Gotta Be
8. Secretly Alone
9. Pop The Trunk
10. Door Number One
11. Introversion
12. Premonition 2010
13. Strange Girl
14. The Machine Approaches

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Top 3 Tracks:
1. Revenge Of A Nerd
2. Premonition
3. Electric Mist

3.75 out of 5 stars


  1. it surely is a unique and addictive sound

  2. Agreed. I really enjoy this one. It gets regular play for me.

  3. What's the sample on Revenge of a Nerd??

    Tis killing me!!

  4. I'm actually not sure. I tried finding it just now, and can't come up with anything.


    Thanks for the comment!