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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Everclear - Sparkle And Fade

When it comes to 90's rock, if you're a big fan - or grew up during that timeframe, you know Everclear. In 1995 - you rocked yourself out bigtime to 'Santa Monica'. And don't act like you didn't. Because the song was pretty outstanding. These guys formed in 1992 in Portland, Oregon. Hey! Second Portland based band this week. That's gotta be some sort of B Side record. The lead singer Art Alexakis has seen his fair share of troubles since a very young age. His father left the family when he was very young and financial hardships pushed the leftover family to move to the slums of Los Angeles. Art got heavy into druguse and the problems escalated from there. He even got moved down to Texas to live with his fathers new family. The drug use persisted there, and he nearly died of a cocaine overdose. He finally got clean in the late 80s and started to get into music. In 1994, Everclear was trying hard to find a label to attach to. After a small bidding war between labels, Capitol Records ended up winning. This is the same label that signed Nirvana, Counting Crows and Sonic Youth. Since alt rock was so huge at this point in time, Everclear got lumped into that genre. They also were given a huge comparison to Nirvana for some reason. I guess myself and Dave Grohl totally disagree with that, and Grohl made that opinion clear after a Foo show in '95. The problem I have with Everclear and this album is, it's very flat. There is one song I might listen to, and the rest are swings and misses. In terms of the quality coming out during that time, this fails to meet the very high bar standards. Go ahead and listen to this, but don't expect to fall in love with it.

1. Electra Made Me Blind
2. Heroin Girl
3. You Make Me Feel Like a Whore
4. Santa Monica
5. Summerland
6. Strawberry
7. Heartspark Dollarsign
8. Twistinside, The
9. Her Brand New Skin
10. Nehalem
11. Queen of the Air
12. Pale Green Stars
13. Chemical Smile
14. My Sexual Life

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Top 3 Tracks:
1. Santa Monica
2. The Twistinside
3. You Make Me Feel Like A Whore

2 out of 5 stars

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