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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Steve Winwood - Back In The High Life

Sometimes there is an artist or two out there that you like, but maybe you don't even know it. Or maybe a few songs that you jam out to when they get played on a radio station, but you don't know who they're by. Let alone that 3 or 4 of them are by the same band. I'll put Mr. Winwood here in that caterogy. And this album is a perfect example. He was born in 1948 across the pond in England. He started making music in the 60's at a fairly young age with the band Spencer Davis Group. He played keyboards and other instruments for that band. He then went on to make music with Clapton in the band Blind Faith and then joined Traffic in the late 60's. Alas, this isn't a review for any of those bands, just Winwood's solo jams. This particular album came out in 1986 and is a solid 3x platinum in the states. He won a couple grammy awards for this record too. Not super surprising, because it was probably the biggest hit of 86. This was an incredible record not only because of the success, it marked the first time the popular world saw some huge collaborations. Chaka Kahn sings backup in 'Higher Love' and the one and only James Taylor sings backup on 'Back In The High Life'. I mean, Winwood was a pretty well known and respected musician, but Taylor to sing backup? Wow. Flat out amazing. I have to say, my dislike for 80's music stops with this album. It's just fun to listen to, and has that signature style of the decade. It's short, which is nice and a good - solid listen. Check it out today. You'll find yourself tapping your toes to songs you already love.

1. Higher Love
2. Take It as It Comes
3. Freedom Overspill
4. Back in the High Life Again
5. Finer Things, The
6. Wake Me up on Judgment Day
7. Split Decision
8. My Love's Leavin'

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Top 3 Tracks:
1. Higher Love
2. Back In The High Life
3. The Finer Things

3.75 out of 5 stars

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