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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Mike Posner - 31 Minutes To Takeoff

This is my first pop review post since my rant last week. I know that write up was somewhat controversial, since I got "told" by multiple people. Which was awesome by the way. I'm glad it was a topic of discussion. But I noticed that Mr. Posner here had what was said to be one of the top 50 tracks of 2010. That made me think I should look at his whole album. So what's I've learned is Mike is a 23 year old Michigan man. He then ended up graduating from Duke University in North Carolina. Pretty impressive. He decided to make music while chatting with Don Cannon and some other prominent producers. His goal was to "make something that didn't sound like anything that was already out." I'm not sure in terms of overall sound that he was successful at that. I mean, you've got guys like Bruno Mars, B.o.B, even maybe a Asher Roth that are fairly similar. Robin Thicke or Timberlake also come to mind. That kind of laid back pop or laid back dance pop. As a whole, to me this isn't anything brand new. Especially the big single, "Cooler Than Me'. To my ear - that sounds like 100 other artists out there today. Posner feels he did succeed though, saying he wants to make sure his music stays different from the rest of the stuff on the charts. I call it delusional, he calls it art. This is worth picking up today and listening to, but take it for face value. This isn't anything that's going to rock your world.

1. 31 Minutes to Takeoff
2. Please Don't Go
3. Bow Chicka Wow Wow
4. Cooler Than Me
5. D¿j¿ Vu
6. Do U Wanna?
7. Cheated
8. Gone in September
9. Save Your Goodbye
10. Synthesizer
11. Delta I406
12. Falling

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Top 3 Tracks:
1. Cooler Than Me
2. Please Don't Go
3. Delta 1406

2 out of 5 stars

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