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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Story Of The Year - Page Avenue

Getting back to real music the last couple of days has been really nice. I always enjoy picking out music I've never heard before out of the Suggestion Box. When it comes to new to me punk rock type music, Shaqwanda is no doubt my go-to expert. Today it's Story Of The Year. And as a quick side note, Shaqwanda requested this way back in September of this year. It's not that I was ignoring this posting, sometimes it just takes time to get to all of them. Or, they don't link samples - and that's one of my requirements. For example, Brand new doesn't link anything to Amazon. They are currently on my ban list. Sorry for the couple that asked for them. Anyways, I've been known to maybe not enjoy the punk genre as much as others in the past. These bands really have to do something different to impress me anymore. These guys started as 67 North (which I believe is a major highway in St. Louis where they are from) then they changed to Big Blue Monkey and now SOTY. I like Blue Monkey they best - but what do I know? These guys started around 2002 and have seen a little bit of oddness. They got into a big fight with the roadies for Godsmack - apparently got beat up pretty good. A couple of the members seem to go in and out for side projects too. I guess what's different about these guys, is they have a little metal element to them. Very similar sounding to a Hoobastank in my opinion. So in the grand scheme of things, it really isn't anything earth shattering in terms of sound. It's not something I'd actively turn off, but I also wouldn't be able to pick up that it's these guys if a random song came on the radio. Seems like they've made a few more album, so I'll have to check those out someday.

1. And the Hero Will Drown
2. Until the Day I Die
3. Anthem of Our Dying Day
4. In the Shadows
5. Dive Right In
6. Swallow the Knife
7. Burning Years
8. Page Avenue
9. Sidewalks
10. Divide and Conquer
11. Razorblades
12. Falling Down

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Top 3 Tracks:
1. Dive Right In
2. Burning Years
3. And The Hero Will Drown

2.5 out of 5 stars


  1. i have the EP from when they were big blue monkey, and i liked that better than anything that came out as story of the year. when i saw them as big blue monkey they were less 'scenester' in appearance. i think they got sued though because there was a jazz band called big blues monkey, or something like that. then they changed to story of the year, which was the name of the BBM EP, and got rid of a few members.

    i think there was a song written for them awhile ago that motley crue actually recorded and released as a single. could i tell you the name? not a chance in hell.

    and, you really should review brand new. i would venture a guess that most of your follows utilize itunes or pandora or *other music venue here*, so needing to go to amazon is not a huge obstacle. anything you review that i want to sample i find on itunes already.

  2. Yeah, there was another band named BBM. Not sure if they got sued - but they had to back off.

    They shouldn't be dumb! Seriously, putting samples out there for people to hear can generate interest. There are plenty of other ways to listen to music, but that's beside the point. Dum dums like Garth Brooks and Brand New and Creed. Just link some samples!

  3. dude, garth brooks, creed, and brand new don't need to get their samples out. people are rabid for them. brand new is probably one of the bigger 'punk' bands to come out of the DIY pop/punk/ska scene of the early 00s. JUST REVIEW THEM!