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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Dwight Yoakam - This Time

Remember WAY back in the day when I started the blog? I had a little poll up asking all of you guys what your favorite genre was? Well, the overwhelming response was pop and alt rock music. Since I wrote it down, only 3 visitors marked 'country' as their favorite. Now, I have no clue who actually put down what responses - but in terms of sheer Suggestion Box volume, many of you guys listen to country - even if it's not your favorite. Today, the suggestion box entry for country comes from haypeterman. Which is I believe the 5th person who's dropped that genre in the box. Way more than any other genre. Good work guys! Anyway, Yoakam. I've heard of him - but not sure I've heard his tunes. I most remember him from his role in 'Panic Room' as a crazed killer. But that's neither here nor there. He was born in Kentucky but his parents thought moving to Ohio could lead to a better life. So he grew up in Columbus - even briefly attended the Ohio State University before dropping out to try out the music biz. Reading his bio, the industry has a lot of respect for Mr. Yoakam. They called his music very different and new back in the 80's. And for the most part, I hear a bit of a combo between bluegrass and honky tonk. It's pretty cool to listen to. This particular album came out in 1993 and is 3x platinum in the states. I can easily see why. This is a fun listen. All you country supporters, pick it up today. Don't just listen, buy it. It's only 5 bucks at Best Buy. Seems worth every penny.

1. Pocket of a Clown
2. Thousand Miles From Nowhere, A
3. Home For Sale
4. This Time
5. Two Doors Down
6. Ain't That Lonely Yet
7. King of Fools
8. Fast As You
9. Try Not To Look So Pretty
10. Wild Ride
11. Lonesome Roads

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Top 3 Tracks:
1. A Thousand Miles From Nowhere
2. Fast As You
3. This Time

3.75 out of 5 stars


  1. After you've sampled this....Try Tomorrow's Sounds Today. In fact, all of his CDs are excellent. You can't listen to just one of them. Thanks for highlighting one of the most talented and overlooked singer/songwriters of his era.

  2. Well hello!

    Are you by chance the same anonymous commenter from Little Big Town? Seems to fit with the country genre..

    Anyways, thanks! Yeah, I enjoyed this. Hopefully others will too!

  3. Nice nice nice! HA ha, I have fond memories of this crazy different sounding album. Like driving a house boat on Lake Powell Actually a thousand miles from nowhere. This time and Two doors down have that depressing country sound but it rings true to something many can relate to.

  4. Btw, a more familiar role he played I believe was in the very beginning scene of "Wedding Crashers", I could be wrong though. He wears his cowboy hat to cover his nearly hairless head.

  5. Thanks for the recommendation. I really enjoyed this one.

    I don't really recall him from Wedding Crashers. But the Panic Room role seems very vivid and I haven't watched that movie since college.

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