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Monday, January 24, 2011

Gary Jules - Trading Snakeoil For Wolftickets

Recently, a reader of mine Christina was singing the lyrics to 'Mad World' which is a Gary Jules cover song. I wasn't sure if she had only heard the Jules version, or a different one. I remember being hooked on that track after seeing Donnie Darko years ago while in college. It really is a great song. She asked that I review an entire album by him and I thought, "what a great idea! I literally know nothing by Mr. Jules other than that one song!" Oh and by the way, I should drop that the cover is a Tears for Fears song originally. I mean, it's good too - but not as good as the Jules version. Jules is from Fresno, California originally, and from everything I'm reading, is known pretty much only for the one song. There is a SICK list of all the movies, tv shows etc that have featured that song. I mean, it's too many for me to even sit here and count. Quite amazing. He's got four albums out there, but nothing sold except for gasp, the one that had Mad World on it. It's gotta be extremely frustrating being known for that one song. I mean, I know one hit wonders are all over the place - but this guy could maybe have some real talent. At least that's what I want to find out today. This album is very folk-y. It certainly has a blues element, especially with the huge track that I think inspires people to break down into tears. This has a very natural feel to it. Jules isn't trying to do anything crazy, and therefore this makes for a pretty easy listen. There is one track that sounds like Jimmy Buffet - which is very puzzling. But all in all, this is worth listening to. Don't get your hopes up that it's as amazing as MW - but hey, what is?

1. Broke Window
2. No Poetry
3. Dtla
4. Lucky
5. Something Else
6. Pills
7. Boat Song
8. Umbilical Town
9. Princess of Hollywood Way, The
10. Patchwork G
11. Barstool
12. Mad World
13. Keep (Hidden Track)

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Top 3 Tracks:
1. Mad World
2. Mad World
3. Something Else (which is a real song, not just saying that phrase)

3.25 out of 5 stars

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