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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Schiller - Breathless

Today is going to be a double dose of New Music Tuesday. I figured since I was doing Christmas music the last couple of weeks, it makes sense to highlight a couple of albums that came out while I was doing holiday stuff. That said, this one just dropped today. And I'll add, it's a pretty odd one. Turns out, after the new year not a lot of artists are dropping new music. And this band is based out of Germany. This is a side project of a gentleman named Christopher von Deylen, whom I guess is pretty big over there in Deutschland. Music Free Europe is a music channel in all of Europe that is also pretty big. And I guess they do a weekly segment just for this band called 'Schill-Out'. Pretty neat. What's interesting is, Schiller's US releases often take a year to come out after the German release. There is so much translating and re-recording it's almost as though they are running a brand new record. Kinda of a neat tidbit. Anyway, I've gone through this twice now - and although it's very different, it's pretty cool. It's not what you think of with typical German music in terms of really whacky 'non-US' focused music. It's probably a hybrid of mood/slow dance/pop music. I can't imagine anyone would listen to this album and be totally put off. It's got a little something for everybody. A couple tracks (for example 'I Will Follow You') are pretty upbeat and get your toes tapping. But then the very next track, 'Himmelblau' is pretty laid back with a slight dance beat behind some very low key keyboard synth. Oh, and then the next tracks has almost a spoken word feel. Very mixing and very neat. I HIGHLY recommend checking this out today.

1. Wilkommen
2. Tiefblau
3. Sunrise
4. Try
5. Polarstem
6. Playing With Madness
7. Unruhig Herz
8. Don't Go
9. Liedenschaft
10. Forever
11. Atemlos
11. Time For Dreams
12. Un Solo Minuto
12. Breathe
13. Let It Rise
13. Sommernacht
14. Sunday [Version 02]
15. La Mer
16. I Will Follow You
17. Himmelblau
18. Moments
19. Always You
20. Sehnsuch
21. Wehmut
22. Ile Aye
23. You
25. Herzchlag
26. Tired
27. Schulze
28. Porque Te Vas
29. Forever
30. Breathe
31. Time For Dreams
32. Sommernacht

Listen To Samples

Top 3 Tracks:
1. Sunrise
2. Polarstern
3. Under My Skin

3.75 out of 5 stars

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