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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Alien Ant Farm - ANThology

Talk about a serious blast from the past. I was sitting on shuffle yesterday at the gym, and all of the sudden AAF's 'Movies' came on, and I rocked out that 3 minutes of yogging (I think it's a soft j)...sorry. I had to slip that in there. But it made me crave listening to this record again, which I haven't done since college. AAF started making music in 1995 based out of Riverside, California. The band name has a fun story behind it. Guitarist Terry Corso had an daydream about aliens and the earth, "I was daydreaming at my dull desk job with my feet up, and I thought to myself, 'Wouldn't it be cool if the human species were placed on earth and cultivated by alien intelligence?' Maybe the aliens added us to an atmosphere that was suitable for us, and they've been watching us develop and colonize, kind of like what a kid does with an ant farm." A little on the nuts-o side, but funny nonetheless. They dropped an underground tape called "Greatest Hits" back in the 90's, which was referred to as the best indie record of the year in 1998. They were pretty good friends with the guys from Papa Roach, so they signed on to Dreamworks in 2000. This was the first release, and it has seen pretty solid success over the last decade. ( was a decade ago, sick) The album is platinum, behind the lead single - a cover of Jacko's 'Smooth Criminal'. They've let their music be used in a variety of TV, movies and video games. Their style is pretty much straight up rock, and it doesn't waver. They broke for a bit in '08, but it sounds like they're back and ready to record again. I like this album, and I'd like to hear more. Someday. Until then, go "old school" with ANThology.

1. Courage
2. Movies
3. Flesh and Bone
4. Whisper
5. Summer
6. Sticks and Stones
7. Attitude
8. Stranded
9. Wish
10. Calico
11. Death Day
12. Smooth Criminal
13. Universe

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Top 3 Tracks:
1. Movies
2. Smooth Criminal
3. Flesh And Bone

3.25 out of 5 stars


  1. ok now i can type here! 'movies' is in my top 25 most played on itunes and is one of my favorite songs of all time. and i dig 'attitude' - i have an awesome acoustic version too. good stuff.

  2. Movies is flat out awesome. I think most people bought this for Smooth Criminal, but that ended up being the jewel of the record.

    Attitude would have been next on my list. For some reason I was singing Flesh and Bone all day that day.