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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Rascal Flatts - Me And My Gang

Hump Day is back this week...and the mid point of the week is always a nice little momentum swing to get you to Friday. And working from home on Wednesday's always is a little boost for me - sleeping in, staying in pajamas, and last but not least - BLASTING music on my 2.1 sub system on the computer. Slightly better than headphones. Anyways, it's country music day again on the B Side! Today we roll with Rascal Flatts, because I happened to hear them on satellite radio yesterday on the pop station. Even though they started making music 11 years ago in Columbus, Ohio - they have never gone though any band members. Meaning, the original three members are still the same folks making music today. Fairly impressive. What is fairly surprising to me, is how incredibly successful this band is. Nearly every album they've dropped has gone at minimum, platinum. They have two records (including this one) that have gone 5x platinum. That's incredible. Of their seven studio albums, the only one that hasn't gone platinum is the one that came out last year. Simply amazing. They also were slated the highest grossing live band in all of 2006. Yeah, that means they made more money than ANY OTHER act in music that year. That blows my mind! I mean, as a non-country die hard, especially in 2006 - I've heard of these guys many times over in my life, so maybe it shouldn't surprise me all that much. Style wise, these guys are straight up country maybe with a little pop additive. They covered 'Life Is A Highway' for the movie 'Cars' which ended up being released as a bonus track for this album. Probably contributed to some of its success, but who knows. This album has a few really nice tracks on it. Ones that I could stand to listen to over and over. Very much worth giving a shot today. Even those non-country followers out there. It's got some serious head bobbing qualities to it.

1. Stand
2. What Hurts the Most
3. Backwards
4. I Feel Bad
5. My Wish
6. Pieces
7. Yes I Do
8. To Make Her Love Me
9. Words I Couldn't Say
10. Me and My Gang
11. Cool Thing
12. Ellsworth
13. He Ain't the Leavin' Kind
14. Life Is A Highway (Bonus Track)

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Top 3 Tracks:
1. What Hurts The Most
2. Pieces
3. Backwards

4.25 out of 5 stars

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