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Monday, April 18, 2011

Styx - Grand Illusion

Monday is going to be double Suggestion Box day. I caught that follower Ashley dropped a question asking if I've ever heard of Styx and if any album by them sticks out for me. Well first, HECK YES! Styx is one of those bands I tend to overrate a little bit. I enjoy their music, and would certainly recommend their stuff to others. But when push comes to shove, I don't listen to them overly often and none of their albums are flat out amazing 5 star-ers. Still very worth listening to though, and I'm starting with 1977's 3x platinum 'Grand Illusion'. This is one of three 3x records for Styx, tied for their best selling of all time. These guys formed in Chicago, Illinois back in 1970. They were doing progressive rock before it was super cool. They added a ton of synth to a heavy guitar, which was kind of new in the early 70's. Their music was all about American theater and performing a "show" in the literal sense of the word. Not just a simple concert. They had a variety of ballads - but a lot of them were of the "power" ballad variety. Although not on this record, their single 'Lady' personifies that idea. Sure, it's a sappy love ballad, but you drop that huge guitar over it and it sounds like hard rock almost. This record has arguably the biggest Styx hit, 'Come Sail Away'. That is an over 6 minute track of pretty pure awesome. In pop culture, I recall an episode of South Park where someone would sing the first 5 bars, and Cartman revealed he couldn't only hear the first part, but would have to proceed to sing the entire track. Pretty funny. Anyways, this is the first of many multi platinum selling records. It's not coincidence they are one of the better selling bands of all time. This album is pretty solid, one of their better non "Best Of" records. Very worth listening to, especially on a cold Monday.

1. Grand Illusion, The
2. Fooling Yourself (The Angry Young Man)
3. Superstars
4. Come Sail Away
5. Miss America
6. Man in the Wilderness
7. Castle Walls
8. Grand Finale, The

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Top 3 Tracks:
1. Come Sail Away
2. Fooling Yourself
3. The Grand Illusion

3.5 out of 5 stars


  1. i love that episode of south park. im not too crazy about styx. theyre good, just not for me all the time. but i do like 'lorelei.'

  2. I think Styx is there. They're certainly not bad...and I wouldn't call them great - somewhere in the middle. Their music isn't offensive, but I don't seek it out either. Typically is a Styx song comes up and I'll listen and maybe sing along - but I certainly won't sing it with the same vigor I would Come On Eileen.