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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Foo Fighters - Wasting Light

I feel like Foo Fighters are a band that's really, really good - but consistently flies under the radar. I mean, their albums are always pretty solid, a couple of them being flat out great, yet - no one really talks about them. To celebrate the drop today, Paladia and VH1 put out a new version of Rock Docs that focused on the guys who fight foo. It was in a word, captivating. I remember them going through a guitar man a couple times, and when Pat quit the band out of no where. But the stuff Grohl fought when they formed - always having to talk about Kurt and the people that hated him because he was making "Nirvana's music" with another band. Success came so fast for these guys, it was hard to take. The drummer nearly died of an overdose - the band nearly called it quits, really quite an interesting documentary. The story goes they got a call to play Wembley Stadium in the UK. Grohl initially thought this was a silly idea - because they'd only fill 20 of the 80 thousand seats. They didn't. They sold it out, and sold it out in days. You can see a clearly emotional Grohl after the show seemingly in disbelief that this project turned so huge. They recorded this album on tape - yes, TAPE, and not digitally. Grohl wanted that old school sound and wanted the imperfections that come with not being able to simply re-record certain aspects that didn't sound quite right. They also recorded this in Grohl's garage with producer Butch Vig - whom produced 'Nevermind'. Bob Mould from Husker Du is on the album, as well as Krist Novoselic the bassist from Nirvana. Pat Smear is also back and considered a full time member of Foo again. It's early - I don't adore this record, but it's another guitar heavy Foo Fighters signature record. My toes were definitely tapping pretty much the whole time I listened to it (which is going on twice now). 'Rope' has been dropped as a single, and it's a pretty good track. 'I Should Have Known' is thought to be about Nirvana and Cobain - with Grohl writing that he should have known what would happen all in retrospect. If you listen close, it's a very reflective track that's probably the highest writing quality on the record. Bottom line, right now I like this - don't love it yet. I could be swayed the more I listen, as is the case with most Foo record I love today.

1. Bridge Burning
2. Rope
3. Dear Rosemary
4. White Limo
5. Arlandria
6. These Days
7. Back & Forth
8. A Matter Of Time
9. Miss The Misery
10. I Should Have Known
11. Walk

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Top 3 Tracks:
1. I Should Have Known
2. Walk
3. Rope

3.5 out of 5 stars

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