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Friday, April 29, 2011

B Side Presents, "Friday Gut Check - Buy Curious"

I love going to the record store. No - not Best Buy or Target or whatever major retailer you enjoy buying the bulk of your music at. I'm taking about a real - old school record store. The ones where you can listen to an album before you buy it. The ones that still sell vinyl...yeah, some people still buy it. In fact, I picked up an AWESOME copy of 'Hombre Lobo' by Eels in vinyl the other day. 10 bucks new. I was elated. Anyway, I'm getting sidetracked.

I've found a couple local record stores that I like to go to. And it's nice to give a local business owner some of my money, but I also like how they operate. Sell the used stuff, which of course is always worth the money. Used LP's and CD's are a great way to boost your music collection without breaking your bank. Plus, I'm a big old school when it comes to buying music. I like to have my tangible CD or album because I have something to show for my dollar. And I like being able to take the cd's on a road trip if the car doesn't have an iPod dock. (rare nowadays, I know) Regardless, I always have a list of cd's I want to buy. I'm sure you guys all do too. Like a list of..."If I had the money.." or "If I get over to the store..." that type of thing. Well, I'm going to give you guys 5 albums I need to pick up soon. Let me know what yours are too - so I can see what you all are grooving on right now...(or in the near future)

5. Radiohead - Amnesiac. I currently own every single Radiohead album except this one. And honestly, I've been resisting the urge to queue it up on Grooveshark and listen to it. Why? Because I love the surprise that comes with listening to a new cd. I still haven't worn 'King Of Limbs' out, so this isn't a huge priority. Although, I've heard the sound is most similar to 'Kid A' - which is my favorite.

4. God Is An Astronaut - All Is Violent, All Is Bright. Yeah, I just reviewed this the other day. I've been fawning over it on Grooveshark all week. It could be a temporary amorous relationship - TBD I guess. But as of this moment, I'd buy it, and wear the cd out in a week or two. I really enjoy the laidback sound and the instrumental nature of the album. I can safely say, this is the first no vocal album I'd ever considered purchasing.

3. Gorillaz - The Fall. Yeah, yeah, yeah. B Side - how have you not bought this already? You're a Gorillaz hound! Okay, so maybe none of you were thinking that, but I was. I adore the Gorillaz. And I own every single album they've dropped. Even the B Sides type records and remixes. I would have picked this up opening day, but the cheapest I found was $17 dollars! That's out of my price range. It's on sale for $11.99 at Best Buy - which is a little better, but I'm cheap. I prefer $9.99 or less. Either way, it'll get bought by me at some point.

2. James Blake - Self Titled. Holy cats. This cd is another Grooveshark staple for me. And boy do I love it. So incredibly different from anything I'd been listening to lately, and I'm infatuated with it. I probably have already listened to this 15 or 20 times, and I'm no where near sick of it. What does that add up to? Gotta buy it! And bonus, I can buy it from my local record store online, and then pick it up. No shipping, and cheaper price than in the store. Double bonus!

1. Florence + The Machine - Lungs. So, I'm slightly embarrassed. I can't believe I don't own this. I'm going to see Flo, Cage and Black Keys at Summerfest in about 2 months now. How can I not own this and be listening to it daily? Lord known the Keys get regular play on my iPod - and I literally own every cd they've ever done. Plus Auerbach's solo stuff. The album is in a word - outstanding. Worth every single penny I will be paying for it very soon.

What do you guys have on the docket? Keep the CD alive!


  1. I'm a little disappointed there was no gut check related to the ROYAL WEDDING today... also because there are 101 "i do"/"marry me" songs on the radio right now (I know... you don't like the radio!!!)

  2. Ahh!! You're so right! Dang, that would have been an awesome idea! You're my go to person on pop culture and relating it to have to promise, if there is another major celebrity wedding coming up, let me know. I'll put something like that together!