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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Gorillaz - The Fall

YES! I think everyone that I know and all the B Side readers know by now that I adore the Gorillaz. I mean, any brand of music you like - these guys do something that would entertain you. It's so random that it's the perfect music when you don't feel like anything in particular. Which for me, happens often. This album has been making waves for a while now for a variety of reasons. First, it officially "released" back in December of last year. The band was offering it for free (well, if you were a member of their online fan club that costs 30 dollars a year). People have been eager to pick up the album - but had to wait 4 months. This album also made news because it was recorded solely on Damon Albarn's iPad. They were on tour for the 'Plastic Beach' album, and he decided to start recording stuff while in different places. As you can imagine, this isn't the most complex of sounds as being done solely with different iPad apps - but it's certainly got that signature Gorillaz sound to it. The story goes, they were just cruising along the highways of the US and different areas were the inspiration for the sound each track produced. Some of the titles reflect where they were at the time too. It's a pretty laid back album, that doesn't stray too much from the 'Plastic Beach' sound. It doesn't have that hip hop/latin feel to it - it's just a soundtrack of sorts - a musical commentary of how the guys were feeling on the trip. Similar to the last one, I might not fully appreciate this until after I listened to it 50 or 60 times. I'll need to put it on the headphones over and over and try to appreciate what they did just using a mobile device. This album is a lot more instrumental heavy than previous Gorillaz albums, so that will also take some getting used to. I'm still going to slap a "good" label on this album for now, but it has potential to be great, just like any other record from this band.

1. Phoner to Arizona
2. Revolving Doors
3. Hillbilly Man
4. Detroit
5. Shy-Town
6. Little Pink Plastic Bags
7. Joplin Spider, The
8. Parish of Space Dust, The
9. Snake in Dallas, The
10. Amarillo
11. Speak It Mountains, The
12. Aspen Forest
13. Bobby in Phoenix
14. California and the Slipping of the Sun
15. Seattle Yodel

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Top 3 Tracks:
1. Amarillo
2. Revolving Doors
3. Bobby In Phoenix

4 out of 5 stars

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