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Tuesday, April 26, 2011


New Music Tuesday is here! Whooopie!! I didn't have anything planned out for this week, so it was a spurt of the moment new music day. Browsing through the new tuneage today, one band really stuck out - KMFDM. Now, I've heard of this band thousands of times, but I don't think I've ever heard any of their music. And my resident metal expert janis!...well, she hasn't told me about them. I know they are a German industrial band that started making music in the 80's. The band started as a performing arts school project by frontman Sascha Konietzko. They have gone through entirely too many line up changes to mention, as well as gone through way too many live performers. They even took a 3 year break from '99 to 2002. They are credited as first bringing industrial music to the masses - as they've sold millions of copies in the US alone. Substantially more in Germany. Their name is an acronym for Kein Mehrheit Für Die Mitleid - which translates to "no pity for the majority." They've named albums after symbols to apparently talk in code to the fans? I don't know - that's what I read. Members of the band have drummed up numerous side projects - again, too many to count. They're a heavier sound, they use a lot of sound manipulation and make anything into an instrument. I hear they even made a vacuum into a sound for a record. They do a lot of political stuff too. You can hear interviews from leaders in some of the tracks. I don't know...this album is too much for me. The musical value is very little and the music simply isn't my style. The album cover is loosely based on Madonna too - fun little tidbit. Go ahead and listen to this if you want - but it's not coming on my recommendation.

1. Krank
2. Come On, Go Off
3. Rebels in Kontrol
4. Lynchmob
5. Take It Like a Man
6. Vive La Mort!
7. Dystopia
8. Panzerfaust
9. Spectre
10. Amnesia
11. Death & Burial of C.R.

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Top 3 Tracks:
1. Krank
2. Rebels In Kontrol
3. Vive La Mort!

1.5 out of 5 stars


  1. i don't really listen to KMFDM so i can't really contribute anything. if i were going to pick a german industrial band to showcase, it would probably be VNV Nation. but even there, i only dabble. i have a few friends who are very big KMFDM fans but i never really dug in.

  2. ministry - now that's really the industrial band i'd pick.

  3. This was certainly my first time. Never heard of VNV Nation either. But, I'm also not huge into industrial metal. As I get older, the heavy shouting stuff just seems like noise.

    No comments on either STP - Purple or the fact that it's 500 reviews? I'm stunned!