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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Joan As Police Woman - Deep Field

It's Tuesday. Tuesday usually brings a New album and a dance album, but this week - I'm dropping the dance and adding a double dose of New Music. Why? I don't really know. I had a BIG new album that I'll be reviewing next, but then I saw this random artist "Joan as Police Woman"? I'm like, okay, I gotta listen to that. What an odd band name or artist name. So it turns out, this lady's real name is Joan Wasser - and this is her third studio album. She had played violin for a band called the Dambuilders, but branched into a solo gig. She was born in 1970 in Connecticut - and went on to attend Boston University to study music. While playing for the Dambuilders, she started to become the main attraction known for her overly aggressive style of playing at live shows. She was dating the one and only Jeff Buckley when he spontaneously drowned back in 1997. She spent quite a bit of time playing with his old band, and then even forming a tribute band to honor his legacy. After all that ended, she really hit the solo stuff hard. This is now her 4th studio album, obviously dropping today. She's classified as that 'indie rock' label that gets applied to just about anything nowadays. Her style is very soulful and mostly slow tempo. She really changes her vocal style track to track too. From what I thought would be a joke of a review, I actually am really digging this. It's like a slowed down Amy Winehouse but that kind of old school throwback feel. I'm going to have to really sit down on this again today. It's much better than I anticipated.

1. Nervous
2. Magic, The
3. Action Man, The
4. Flash
5. Run for Love
6. Human Condition
7. Kiss the Specifics
8. Chemmie
9. Forever and a Year
10. I Was Everyone
11. Say Yes

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Top 3 Tracks:

I haven't found myself digging any certain tracks yet, but I'll try:

1. The Magic
2. Nervous
3. Forever And A Year

3.75 out of 5 stars


  1. As I opened a new tab to listen to the samples, I was hopping that you'd listed "The Magic" as one of your "I'll try" top 3's since I didn't quite catch what they were somehow. You did and thank you. I'm seriously liking this chick already. Though their styles are different in some ways, she reminds me of a female Jamiroquai. Super layed back and as you mentioned very soulful. I'm diggin' it.

    I might have to get this one, thanks B.

    ...I e-mailed you a few months ago asking how haypeterman was doing, I don't think you got it. But have you heard from him or how he's doing?

  2. was so random this morning, but it's pretty cool. I'm going to get back on this one tomorrow morning. See if anything sticks out better for me. As of now, the whole album it just a fun listen.

    Send another note to my inbox, I can respond from there.