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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Danielle Peck - Self Titled

I certainly don't fancy myself much of a country expert - but I can safely say that I've come to grow a certain appreciation for it over the last year or so. Thanks to the delightful recommendations from JenInTosa, I've listened to many country albums that I didn't merely tolerate, but ones I've actively listened to. That's a huge change compared to my closed mindedness from half a decade ago. Miss Peck here is not a Jen suggestion though, I wanted to add an artist to the pot that I've brought to the table. (finally) I first heard of her in 2005 or so when she dropped a free single on iTunes. Even though I was in my narrow focus phase, I heard the song 'I Don't' and thought it was funny and extremely well done. This is the first time I've decided to listen to her whole album, so it only took me 5 more years. Regardless, Peck was born in North Carolina but grew up in Ohio. Her father was a US Marine and pretty much all of her family was into music in some way. She started singing as a child, and loved to sing 'Folsom Prison Blues' by Johnny Cash. She actually sings this song at almost every live show she does to this day. She started touring with a band immediately after graduating high school in 1997. This album dropped in 2006 and saw pretty good success on the country charts, but hasn't gotten a whole lot of attention otherwise. Which I find odd, because I actually really like this. It's got a very Faith Hill/Sarah McLachlan feel to it. I'm curious if any country fans have already heard of her and listened to an album before. I'd never heard her name come up in conversation before. Anyways, this is a really well put together record. Even if you're not a country fan, I think you'll like it.

1. Findin' a Good Man
2. Isn't That Everything
3. Kiss You on the Mouth
4. Fallin' Apart
5. I Don't
6. Sucks to Be You
7. Honky Tonk Time
8. Thirsty Again
9. Only the Lonely Talkin'
10. Woman Does Too, A
11. Somebody For You

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Top 3 Tracks:
1. I Don't
2. Somebody For You
3. Isn't That Everything

3.25 out of 5 stars

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