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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Avey Tare - Down There

Odd day on the B Side today. It is probably the SLOWEST New Music Tuesday ever. The only mentionable album is Taylor Swift - which I should have done, but did a country review yesterday. So here I am - left holding the bag. I wasn't going to do Techno Tuesday either - only because I'm always a week ahead of dance reviews. Anyway - I'm kind of doing two of each. Both of my artists today are new, electronic-ish acts. They are both pulled straight out of a hat, and I've never heard of them before. I seriously doubt anyone has. First comes Avey Tare and his new release of 'Down There'. Boy is this different. From track one it's unlike nearly anything I've heard before. It's like if you had a classic band lead singer and echoed out his vocals and added some transing beats behind it. You can't really understand the lyrics in most songs, because they're so washed out to give you that "spacey" feel. I do enjoy the track titles, that is probably my favorite thing about the record. The music itself isn't terrible - it's got a more techno beat to it. Track one starts off like it's going to be a popping dance track, but then an instrument is introduced that I think might be the accordion. This is certainly out there. I would recommend giving it a go though. I mean, why not? It's only 9 tracks and some of you may actually enjoy it. If it catches on, it'll be mainstream in no time.

1. Laughing Hieroglyphic
2. 3 Umbrellas
3. Oliver Twist
4. Glass Bottom Boat
5. Ghost of Books
6. Cemeteries
7. Heads Hammock
8. Heather in the Hospital
9. Lucky 1

Listen To Samples

Top 3 Tracks:
1. Ghost Of Books
2. 3 Umbrellas
3. Heads Hammock

2.25 out of 5 stars

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