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Friday, October 8, 2010

David Allan Coe - Greatest Hits

Country day again on the B Side. I'm going to briefly vent some frustrations this morning. David Allan Coe is a suggestion from the box from follower janis! (and thank you very much for the suggestion!). Anyway, he's got literally six thousand records released, so for me to pick one, is basically just a shot in the dark. Well, all of this regular albums listed on the discography, don't show up for purchase..anywhere. And you'd think that's fairly rare, but it really isn't. With classic type artists, often the material they put out 20 years ago isn't available in the same format it was back then. So after running through multiple albums, and nothing matching to the "t" of what was put out decades ago, I'm just going with a greatest hits record. I probably won't ever do this again, barring some sort of odd duck reason, so yeah. Here it is. Even though I'm irritated by his discography - I'm going to remain objective. To the point where, I actually don't mind this. It's probably because it's a greatest hits - and I'm getting the cream of the crop, some of this is entertaining. The rest is totally palatable. You're still not going to like it if you aren't a country fan, but that's the case with all of the genre. After some quick research, this guy seems to be a total d-bag. Has an album completely related to racism and sexism. Something called X Rated Hits or something. Yeah, -1 for that. Get with the times sir - I know you're 71, but get with it.

1. Divers Do It Deeper
2. Longhaired Redneck
3. You Never Even Called Me By My Name
4. Willie, Waylon And Me
5. A Sad Country Song
6. Would You Be My Lady
7. Just To Prove My Love For You
8. Lately I've Been Thinking Too Much
9. Would You Lay With Me
10. Face To Face

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Top 3 Tracks:
1. You Never Even Called Me By My Name
2. Longhaired Redneck
3. Willie, Waylon And Me

2.75 out of 5 stars

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