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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Thriving Ivory - Self Titled

Thriving Ivory is once again, a band I'd never heard of until today. This review comes via Suggestion Box and follower Ashley. A quick note to Ashley, and anyone else who has stuff in the box that I haven't gotten to yet - it's all coming. A lot of the suggestions getting held up in the box are more specialty requests - which are a lot of fun to do, but they take more time and they aren't solely music reviews. My main goal is still to get everyone a couple albums per day to review, with maybe one day a week on the special stuff. So it's all coming, just in time - so don't get discouraged that I forgot about it. =) Anyway, on to Ivory and Ashley's specific request to review the track, 'Angels On The Moon'. These guys are a California based band, that originally formed back in 2003. They released this same record back then under and independent label, and now come back on Wind Up records again in 2008. They just dropped another record as well, just last month. There isn't a whole lot of information on these guys otherwise. The bassist had been with the band for about 7 years - and then decided to quit once they started generating radio play, kind of an odd move there. Umm, not much else. As far as their music, kind of a quasi mood based rock? That's probably how I'd classify them. It's certainly not anything offensive. It's very easy listening, almost has a Matchbox 20 or Rob Thomas solo type feel to it. Something I could listen to for hours, and most likely not get sick of it - but not love it either. As far as the track 'Angels' - it's pretty good. I've listened to that specific track a few times now, and I guess it's more of what doesn't strike me with the rest of the album. It all virtually sounds the same. So that track might stick out to me now - because I listened to it a few times extra per the request. Overall, I think this is good - but nothing super outstanding. Worth checking out for sure, because like I also mentioned with the Goo Goo Dolls, there is a lot of good music that people kind of forget about. I'd put Ivory in that sort of category. Pretty good, but something you'd forget about. So give them a shot today, maybe you won't forget by tomorrow.

1. Runaway
2. Angels on the Moon
3. Alien
4. Hey Lady
5. Twilight
6. Secret Life
7. Long Hallway with a Broken Light
8. Overrated
9. For Heaven's Sake
10. Unhappy
11. Light Up Mississippi
12. Day of Rain

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Top 3 Tracks:
1. Angels On The Moon
2. Alien
3. Unhappy

3 out of 5 stars


  1. Nice review. I never listened to the whole album before. I first heard 'Angels On The Moon' roughly 3 years ago when I'd watch the VH1 video countdowns in the morning. I agree with you that its a very easy listen however not too incredibly spectacular.

    Anywayzzz, I'll have to hear the top 3 tracks you suggested and see how they sound.

  2. It was a very nice suggestion, so thank you. I'm kinda surprised I hadn't heard of them before.

    Yeah, check em out. I think you'll enjoy them.

    Thanks for the comment!

  3. You should listen to their new album, "Through Yourself & Back Again." You'll be surprised.