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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Ben Folds - Lonely Avenue

Thursday brings a little mood music, and specifically Ben Folds. Devotees will recall I reviewed their 'Songs For Silverman' album a LONG time ago, and it got a good final rating. This review is their current album, that just came out last week. It probably should have been part of New Music Tuesday, but alas, I went with Phil Collins that day. Getting to it today is just as good, and it will have the same impact on you guys, I promise. This record is actually a collaboration record, between Ben Folds and English novelist, Nick Hornby. Never heard of that fella before today, so I'm hoping the collabo was worth while for Ben Folds. The formula was simple, Hornby writes, Ben Folds sings. I would assume they'd want to keep it to the high standards their records normally yield, so we shall see. After listening to this a couple times now - it would almost be impossible to tell this wasn't written business as usual. Their records were always a nice blend of fun and serious, social commentary and personal happenings. This album is no different. As a whole, it's a really solid record - yet again from Ben Folds. Just when you think the album might be more poppy - it smacks you in the face with a signature Ben Folds piano ballad. Boy do I love those. Boy do I love Ben Folds. This album is no different. Check it out, it's worth your while today.

1. Working Day, A
2. Picture Window
3. Levi Johnston's Blues
4. Doc Pomus
5. Your Dogs
6. Practical Amanda
7. Claire's Ninth
8. Password
9. From Above
10. Saskia Hamilton
11. Belinda

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Top 3 Tracks:
1. Picture Window
2. A Working Day
3. Practical Amanda

3.75 out of 5 stars


  1. I liked it! I laughed at Levi Johnson's Blues.
    Top top 3 from a first listen:
    1. Picture Window
    2. From Above
    3. Claire's 9th

    It was an easy listen... especially at work.
    And I thought of a good cover: Ben's Tiny Dancer!

  2. Yeah, I really enjoyed it as well. Very easy listen, great phrase to describe it.

    I actually had that on my list! It almost made the illustrious Top 5!