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Friday, October 15, 2010

B Side Presents, "I Want My Retort"

I still love music videos. Heidi states they're not the same as they used to be, and maybe that is true. I personally think they're better. More artists nowadays use them to tell a story - that often actually pertains to the video now. Crazy. The biggest problem is, yeah - no one plays them on tv anymore. Seeing them on YouTube or iTunes doesn't quite have the same effect - but it's all good. Here are my Top 5 music videos of all time. (Oh, and a big shoutout to the Black Keys - Tighten Up. It almost made my list, and is my photo above. Check it out sometime!)

5. Karma Police - Radiohead: What an entertaining video. Of course, almost everything by Radiohead is entertaining. This could pass as a captivating short film, and yet it's a music video. Why is the lead singer so down? Why are we chasing someone?? Where did everyone go??? Excellent work. WATCH

4. Stylo - Gorillaz: Okay, for serious. Who doesn't love the tough Bruce Willis/John McClane type character? Gorillaz brings that in for a delightful romp in video form for Stylo. Not my favorite track, but it's a really fun video. The ending leaves something up for specutlation, but that's part of the fun. WATCH

3. Black Hole Sun - Soundgarden: Probably the most iconic video of my youth. The barbie spinning over the grill haunted my dreams for years. The 90's was filled with these sort of weird videos that had absolutely nothing to do with the actual song. It was so creepy and scary if you were little, but you couldn't turn a way. The giant smiling faces, the distorted eyes. The crazy lady chopping a fish that still alive. I watch it to this day and still laugh when the old lady is putting on lipstick watching the guy do pushups. Classic. WATCH

2. Sabotage - Beastie Boys: How can this be number two? Phenemenal video. You'd have no idea this was the actual Beasties in the cop uniforms. I'm not even sure I have the words to decribe how awesome the video is. It blows my mind to this day with how amazing it is. Yet another video you can't seem to tune out of. If it's on, you HAVE TO watch. That captivating. Great song - even better video. WATCH

1. Smack My Bitch Up - Prodigy: Okay, this is why Beasties aren't number one. You might not even recall this video, because MTV pulled it off the air due to some controversy. It's so awesome, I can't even find the real version on YouTube. I hope someone out there can find it, so I can link to the blog. Best video ever.

There are a TON of other music videos that could be on the list. I came up with almost 30 off the top of my head that I loved. Let's hear it, what are your top 5 videos ever?


  1. 1. Fatboy Slim--Weapon of Choice. Who doesn't love Christopher Walken?
    2. Blind Melon--No Rain. 5 words "Little Girl in Bee Costume".
    3. Lady Gaga--Bad Romance. Too Weird. Loves it.
    4. Sarah McLachlan--Building a Mystery.
    5. Angels and Airwaves--Hallucinations. Tom Delonge. Had to put them on my list somehow :)

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  3. Weapon of Choice was on my list. Outstanding video.

    No rain is also very good. One of those very well done 90's vids.

    Not sure I'm super familiar with the other 3...I'll have to check them out! Thanks for the comment!

    BTW, I saw your deleted comment. Can't stop the blog host from reading it! =)

  4. Yeah, I wasn't worried about you seeing it. I realized that the vid I saw was made by a fan on YouTube and not the official vid. Plus, Tom Delonge isn't in it, so seriously it can't be a top video ;)

  5. Haha. You're crazy for Delonge. I don't see it, but then again, I'm a guy.

  6. i posted my videos in the other video post, but i completely agree with and omitted from my other list 'weapon of choice' and 'smack my bitch up' and 'sabotage.' im going to youtube that right now. i love any of the beastie boys videos. body movin is a great one. and i was obsessed with '3 MCs and 1 DJ' for quite awhile.

    i also love an forgot 'praise you' from fatboy slim. the nerdy folk bustin' it out in the shopping mall? yes please.

  7. gah! and i forgot 'keep fishin' by weezer! it has THE MUPPETS! and miss piggy tries to kidnap the drummer so ANIMAL plays with weezer instead! so good!

  8. Praise You was hilarious too. I seem to remember shop owners getting so irritated by the nerds dancing in front of their stores. Classic.

    I like most vids by Weezer. Buddy Holly was classic too. I do recall Keep Fishin' though, and it's awesomeness.