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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Busta Rhymes - When Disaster Strikes

I'm going to let you guys in on a little secret. I enjoy Busta Rhymes. That's not the secret. Wait for it...okay, I'll tell you. His albums are never good. There are always one or two really solid singles off of them, but as a whole, always forgettable. Busta has the ability to straight up spit out the fire, and he shows that a lot. Anytime I let myself forget about Busta, I immediately put on 'Gimme Some More' and then I remember he has some of the best flow in the game. He also did a mixtape with 50 Cent and Em, where they dissed Ja Rule. It's a remake of the Tupac song 'Hail Mary' and Busta again comes out with something amazing. In terms of this album, there are again, a couple solid track - then a bunch of nonsense. This is the case very often with rap albums. They make albums that are 20 tracks, and only 4 of them are worth your time. I think that's why I actually own very few rap records. It's much better to buy the singles you like. Anyway, this came out in 1997 and is certified Platinum. Actually, most of his records are platinum selling. Not too shabby. This was his 2nd studio album and I think his sound back then is better than what he's dropping today. We'll soon find out though, as ELE 2 is due to drop sometime this year yet. I'll be sure to check that out right away. If you feel nostalgic about tossing on a couple old Busta tracks, check this out. Otherwise, listen to this if you want to listen to another mediocre hip hop album.

1. Intro
2. Whole World Lookin' At Me, The
3. Turn It Up [Remix]/Fire It Up
4. When Disaster Strikes
5. So Hardcore
6. Get High Tonight
7. Turn It Up
8. Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Could See
9. It's All Good
10. There's Not a Problem My Squad Can't Fix
11. We Could Take It Outside
12. Rhymes Galore
13. Things We Be Doin' For Money, Pt. 1
14. Things We Be Doin' For Money, Pt. 2
15. One
16. Dangerous
17. Body Rock, The
18. Get Off My Block
19. Outro

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Top 3 Tracks:
1. Dangerous
2. Rhymes Galore
3. Put Your Hands Where Eyes Can See

3.25 out of 5 stars


  1. I'm glad you said that, about some of his songs being worth while. You are more than right.

    Whats so funny is that not but a few days ago I had the urge myself to watch the video for 'Gimme Some More'. Its hard for me to find a clear version of it on You Tube.

    That beat is amazing. I love the strings in the background, and that its so uptempo. His flow over the whole sound is good.

    Not that you cant find the video, but heres a link for ya:

    If your anything like me, you'll watch it over and over again.

  2. Gimme Some More would be on my Top 20 rap songs of all time. Really great stuff. Video is indeed, outstanding.

    Busta isn't a regular for me, so him dropping mediocre records isn't a huge deal to me. I'd like to see him do better though, for the sake of the genre.

  3. agree, 'gimme some more' is in my (short) rap rotation. i'm not a regular listener at all though. probably will never own one of his albums.

  4. Busta is very hit and miss. I wouldn't beat yourself up too much over it.

    Thanks for the post!

  5. brother, can u email me this lp with all 19 tracks?

  6. Sorry. I don't distribute music.

    Feel free to head to your local record store and pick it up!