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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Deadmau5 - Random Album Title

Techno Tuesday comes back with a purpose today. As someone who has loved the genre since I was probably 14 or so, I've been to a few dance/house/techno shows in my life. They're typically a lot of fun. Even if you're not trippin' on acid or dropping any E - you can still have a good time at these shows. Usually there are some fun laser shows or some funky strobes and smoke that really keep you entranced. Deadmau5 has a perfect groove to go along with a show like that. And in this crazy world, Mr. Deadmau5 will be in Madison tonight! Yeah! He'll be at the Coliseum (Alliant Energy Center) at 7pm. This show was scheduled to be at the Orpheum Theatre on State Street - but for some reason or another got moved. Kind of a bummer since the smaller venue would have been neat, but at least now there should be no issue getting tickets. I know the Orpheum show was sold out. I might be there - just look for the nerd diligently taking notes while ever so awkwardly moving to the beat. I think I made it fairly clear with my last review - but I really enjoy this guy. Great blend of synths, piano in spots, overall bass beats and then a snare kit to mesh it along. He's not a Fatboy Slim or someone that gets ever so wordy - so if that's the brand of dance you like, this isn't for you. This is just flat out funky beats for you to crank up in your car. This particular record you could put on at a salon and get a massage to. For me anyway, it's very calming and relaxing. There are a couple of pump you up-ish tracks, but for me those are in the minority. This is album 2 of his 2 total CD releases. There is some digital stuff out there too. Check this out and 'For Lack Of A Better Name'. Beatnuts love it, so will you!

1. Sometimes Things Get, Whatever
2. Complications
3. Slip
4. Some Kind of Blue
5. Brazil
6. Alone with You (Original Mix)
7. I Remember
8. Faxing Berlin
9. Faxing Berlin
10. Not Exactly
11. Arguru
12. So There I Was

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Top 3 Tracks:
1. Brazil
2. Slip
3. Some Kind Of Blue

4.5 out of 5 stars

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