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Monday, October 18, 2010

Les Baxter - The Exotic Moods of Les Baxter

My 'odd' review each week usually makes me step outside my comfort zone, and listen to something that normally wouldn't grace my headphones. This week, it's this classical/background noise/elevator music artist known as Les Baxter. This is also a Suggestion Box specialty - this one coming from follower janis!. I was going to go into some great deal about his music history - but it's really not super exciting. Was going to Pepperdine to study piano - gave that up. Started doing a bunch of composing that ended up being used in soundtracks and tv themes. He's put out around 7,000 albums since 1947. His most recent being this one that dropped in 1996. Les also passed away in 1996, otherwise some suggest he'd still be making music today. I'm giving this all the respect in the world - I think people like Les were very vital to the music community in their day. Without him doing composing work and lending his efforts to the film work - you might not have guys like John Williams or the like today. Would I toss this on just some rainy day? Probably not. This isn't really my brand of music to sit back and groove to - but that doesn't make it any less worth noting. This album is 40 tracks deep, and I can't find a text track list - and I don't feel like typing them all out today by hand. So I'll link the samples, and encourage you to check them out. It might not be something you want to listen to on your iPod - but something you might appreciate in terms of music history.


See Samples

Listen To Samples

Top 3 Tracks:
1. Temple Of Gold
2. Voodoo Dreams
3. Pantan

2 out of 5 stars


  1. this album warrants more than a 2. at least a 3. it's an icon in the genre. geez.

    plus the cover art is awesome.

    do some martin denny next! "swamp fire" is my #3 all time most played itunes song.

  2. I agree with it being iconic. But it's iconic in the way that doesn't blow your mind. Just respectful iconic. And that gets it the 2.

    Cover art is neat.

    You'll have to put that in the Suggestion Box. Otherwise my dear, I won't remember.